Formula Bwoah wants to bring the strategic aspects of F1 racing to the palm of your hand

Manage not only your speed, but your car

Formula Bwoah wants to bring the strategic aspects of F1 racing to the palm of your hand
  • Ever wanted to experience the more strategic demands of Formula One racing?
  • Well Formula Bwoah, with changing weather, engine modes and pit stops, has you covered
  • Play it free now on the App Store and Google Play

The F1 racing circuit is one of the most complex in the world, and many of the cars on these tracks look more like science experiments than vehicles. Precise timing, replacing worn-out parts and even minute changes to the weather all affect the chances of a team winning. Unfortunately, while many games seek to tackle these simulationist aspects, few have made the jump to mobile...but Formula Bwoah is an exception.

Strange name aside, Formula Bwoah promises to not only let you take part directly in high-octane F1 racing, but also to manage the weather, pit stops and changing engine modes that all go into making sure you're top of the leaderboard. Not only that, but you can compete against up to 10 other drivers in online multiplayer.

Formula Bwoah is available now for the App Store and Google Play.

Racing for the finish
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Given how gamified the racing genre has been, not just on mobile but on virtually every other platform, it's always fun to see a game which remembers that racing, and F1 in particular is as much an endurance test as it is one of speed. Formula Bwoah (still don't get the name) promises the usual car-collecting fun, alongside a variety of simulationist mechanics to really give you the feel of an F1 race.

Although it might not have the realistic flair and graphical presentation some may hope for, Formula Bwoah looks to be a solid release with plenty for fans of the more strategic aspects of F1.

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Iwan Morris
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