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Dragonheir: Silent Gods - Best starting class

Dragonheir: Silent Gods - Best starting class
  • Is it worth agonising over your class and race in-game?
  • Find out how elemental affinity affects your team
  • Find out what unique skills you can get depending on the starting class in Dragonheir

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is a new D&D-inspired RPG where you recruit your own party of heroes and seek to uncover the true history of your world, overthrowing a tyrannical regime in the process. You'll journey through the world uncovering the truth behind a near-mythical event where a hero of chaos tried to overthrow the now-ruling dragons, and whether this hero was truly as evil as some said.

It’s also been one of the most widely followed games due to its integration of RPG mechanics, such as skill checks, classes and more for your main character. All of this adds additional flavour not usually seen in RPG games of this type on mobile.

But how much do these classes actually matter? And what difference do they make to your playthrough? Well, here’s what we think from what we’ve played…

What’s the best class to start Dragonheir with?

Soldier, Dragonheir class

Now, the answer to this is going to be disappointing because it’s simply “whichever you pick.” Yes, it’s a bit of a dud but it’s true to say that Dragonheir is not a game where your main character’s class really matters. It’s a game of hero collection, and these characters will form the bulk of your forces, soaking up and doing damage as well as casting heals. Now, early on there are advantages in what unique skills these classes do have.

For example, the RPG elements such as skill checks do alter what starting class you pick, although in our opinion these elements aren’t really prominent enough to consider. If we were pressed to make a pick, we might say Thief, for the benefit of being able to open chests without having to acquire keys, as the lockpicking ability and the stealing ability grant an increased chance to nab some easy loot on occasion.

Intelligence check

But, ultimately, whatever you pick will only really make a big difference in the early game. Later on, you’ll mainly be using your heroes, and the loot you gain from chests will be lesser compared to rewards from battle.

Elemental affinity is more important

Gulal the Frost Troll in Dragonheir

So, really, you can pick any starting class you want. But, we do have one key piece of advice on what to choose wisely…and that’s your character’s elemental affinity. Whichever element you pick, whether that be fire, frost, poison or one of the other six available, will dictate what synergy you have with your Dragonheir team, and ideally, you’ll want to pick something simple to begin with such as fire or cold.

What race should I pick for starters?

In games like D&D, your character’s race can drastically affect them. A Dwarf for example is stout and sturdy but has much less movement range than an Elf, whereas humans are well-rounded but not as good at one single stat as others. Similarly, in Dragonheir, you do have altered states depending on the race you pick. But, as with classes, these are very slight differences, for example with strength you might receive resources back after forging.

So, essentially, pick what you please, but make sure your elemental affinity is what lines up with your future picks from sources like our tier list, as this will provide you with the best possible synergy amongst your heroes.

If you want to know more about the game, which still has a bevvy of exciting battles to fight through and heroes to recruit, why not check out our list of Dragonheir codes?

Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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