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Everdale - Here is how to decrease build time

Here is a lesser known trick to decrease the estimated build time in Everdale

Everdale - Here is how to decrease build time
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Supercell's Everdale is a collaborative mobile building simulation game that is currently available to download in certain regions around the world.

Like any other Supercell game, the build time in the Everdale is initially pretty quick, but as your progress, you have to wait multiple days for the research to get completed and for buildings to be erected.

Overall, it gets quite frustrating for free-to-play players who can't use gems to skip the build time. But fortunately, we have a trick for you that will significantly decrease your estimated build time in Everdale and help you progress quickly in the game.

Move buildings and structures to decrease your estimated completion time

Many players are not aware that they can decrease the estimated completion time by simply moving structures. For example, you should place the clay storage right next to the clay pit if you are collecting clay.

In the image below, you can see the estimated completion time gets decreased by 15 minutes when the clay storage is re-positioned just three blocks close to the clay pits.

Everdale how to decrease building time

The timer is decreased because the villagers won't have to move further to deposit the item. Hence the players should always try to place their buildings so that the villagers have to move the minimum distance, and this way, you will use the maximum potential of the villagers and progress quickly in Everdale.

This trick can be used with all the other buildings. For example, if you are building something new, then just place the Wood and Clay storage near the constructing building, and you will see your estimated completion time drop by a lot. Furthermore, if you can place all these right next to your kitchen, it would even be faster.

For more such Everdale guides and tips and tricks, stay tuned with us.

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