Everdale's latest update lets you create your own valley

Now you can create your own valley in Everdale

Everdale's latest update lets you create your own valley
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Yes, you heard it right. Supercell has just updated Everdale, and in the latest, they have finally given players the power to create a valley.


Everdale is a collaborative mobile building simulation game, that's focused on playing together with others collaboratively to achieve progress. As soon as players hit level four, they will automatically join a Valley alongside nine other players. But sometimes, players are put into dead lobbies, where other players are not active, and it is a kind of punishment for them.

Previously, the game did not have an option to create a valley. Instead, the game automatically generated them. As such, the only option available to players was to keep jumping into random lobbies until the day they find one worth staying in.

The other problem with this system is that it was very difficult to invite your friends to the same valley and play with them. Lastly, this system gave immense power to the leader as they could kick anyone out of the lobby as per this wish, even if the player is in the middle of a task. Everdale players were frustrated with the mechanics of the game and demanded a change.

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The new Everdale update lets you create your own valley

Supercell has listened to players and has introduced the option to create a valley in Everdale.

Here is how players can create a new valley in Everdale:

  • Open Everdale
  • Go to the valley and click on the blue group icon.
  • Click on the ‘Create Valley’ button.
  • Enter your Valley name and other details and press the create button.

That is it. Now you will join a brand new valley and become a leader of it. You can then invite your friends to the valley and aim to make it the best one in the world. That’s pretty much what the game is all about anyway. It's worth remembering, however, that creating a new lobby will cost 10 Gems.

That is it for this post. For more such Everdale Tips, tricks and guides, stay tuned with us.

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