Everdale: 5 essential tips and tricks

Here are 5 essential Everdale tips and tricks

Everdale: 5 essential tips and tricks
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Supercell’s newest title, Everdale, a collaborative mobile building simulation game, has been around for a month. Now that we have had our hands on the game for quite a bit, we have thought of 5 essential Everdale tips and tricks. So let’s jump into it.

Tip #1 - Collecting resources from limited sources is faster

Nobody will tell you this trick, but collecting resources from limited sources is 50% faster. For example, collecting wood from trees is 50% faster than collecting wood from Evergrove. Similarly, collecting clay from clay deposits is 50% faster than collecting clay from Claypits and so on. So, whenever you are online, try to farm the limited sources first.

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Tip #2 - Do not join a high-level Valley

Most players want to get into a higher-level valley. But trust me, it is the last thing you want to do. Joining a high-level valley compared to your village level means you will not be able to complete ship tasks because you will not be able to craft the items required. As a result, this will slow your progress as you won't earn a good amount of money and reputation.

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Tip #3 - Always keep researching something or the other

Everdale runs around in a circle, you build, which lets you produce, then you can trade the items for coins or reputation, and then you can build more stuff. However, the fastest way to complete this cycle is to keep one dedicated villager focused on research.

As you progress in the game, doing one research will take multiple days, and this is why you should keep one dedicated villager just for research and train them in the valley to decrease the research time.

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Tip #4 - Use Research Scrolls

Never stockpile Research Scrolls. Use them whenever you get the opportunity. There is only one sole purpose of research scrolls and that is to complete researches quickly. You can’t use them for anything else anyway.

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Tip #5 - Brew only 3 stars potions

Never cook 1-star potions as it costs quite a few resources, and the benefits it provides pale in comparison to a 3-star potion. So always stack up ingredients and only use them to brew 3-star potions for the maximum potential gain.

So that concludes our post on 5 must-know Everdale tips and tricks! For more Everdale guides, stay tuned with us.

Everdale is now available to download via Google Play and App Store in selected regions.

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