Dysmantle announces Doomsday DLC with new map, questline, and gadgets

Dysmantle announces Doomsday DLC with new map, questline, and gadgets
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Tesla vs Lovecraft developers 10ton have just announced a brand new DLC for their open-world survival ARPG Dysmantle, titled Doomsday. It is the second DLC for the game, bringing in a map featuring a new main questline alongside numerous immersive side quests. Currently, this update is available only on PC, but a mobile version will be released later this year.

So, what’s new in Dysmantle: Doomsday? These freaky zombie-like creatures and infested wolves can’t just be contained to one island and so, players will board a mysterious cargo drone that takes them to an archipelago no one knows about. They’ll soon discover that these islands are hiding nefarious secrets.

Doomsday introduces a brand new open-world map that provides a wholly different challenge as compared to the base game. The storyline focuses on the Three Sisters Research Complex, where horrifying scientific experiments were carried out. It’s up to the players to uncover what happened.

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The archipelago is full of intricate puzzles to solve and enemies will be found in abundance. Not only will players find biological horrors lurking around, but also man-made mechanical creatures. Naturally, tools from the base game are not equipped to tackle these problems and thus, players will find a range of wearables and trinkets to help on this journey.

On the lighter side, the DLC adds a few new materials and food items as well. Sixteen delicious recipes have been curated for the hungry souls out there. Finally, those looking to access the new content must exit the gates of the first area of the base game. Then, after resting at a campfire, the DLC main quest will automatically pop up.

Dysmantle: Doomsday costs $8.99 or the local equivalent. Check out the Steam page or visit the official website for more information. Mobile gamers can currently download and play the base game using the links below.

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