Dungeon of Gods tips, cheats, hints for beginners

A beginner's guide to the mobile roguelike dungeon-crawler, Dungeon of Gods!

Dungeon of Gods tips, cheats, hints for beginners
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With the release of Dungeon of Gods by Super Planet, people are excited to dive in and see just how far they can go. It's a mobile roguelike that puts you in the role of a demigod with the desire to seek power and glory while collecting treasure. Standing in your way are endless hordes of monsters and undead as well as the mighty bosses that command them. You'll have a chance to get stronger while progressing through each dungeon, and the opportunity to improve your gear between runs. It may seem simple, but there are plenty of things you can do to properly prepare.

The basics

Unlike a traditional mobile hack-and-slash, Dungeon of Gods has a more guided feel. Instead of having to go up and strike repeatedly to hit an enemy, your main attack is called "Assault".

When you're a certain distance from an enemy, a red arrow appears below your character pointing to the nearest target. Let go of the movement controls in order to launch yourself towards them for massive damage. If the enemy survives, your hero will start attacking them normally. If the enemy dies, the hero will assault the next nearest enemy, which can create a chain between the weaker ones.

Tip #1 - Retreat after Assault Chain

The Assault move is your greatest weapon and will allow you to clear rooms in a matter of seconds. What you need to be wary of is when the Assault stops. If your attack isn't high enough or the enemy is too tough, you'll stop chaining kills and revert to a simple melee attack. This puts you at risk of being hit by every other enemy as well as your current target. Enemies will always try to surround you, so the moment you stop zipping around the room, disengage and regroup.

Tip #2 - Use Room Types wisely

Dungeon of Gods changes the order you'll go through the rooms every time you enter a dungeon. This will affect what enemies you'll encounter and the frequency you'll get certain rooms. After you clear a room, one or two doors will open up at the end of it. Depending on the symbol on the tile in front of it, you'll receive different bonuses as a reward for completing it.

If it's an elemental symbol, you'll receive an Attribute. This is a passive effect that alters your hero's stats, such as their attack power and speed. They can also grant you a special attack that will trigger under certain conditions. The types of Attributes are determined by the element. When starting out, you'll gain access to Water and Fire, but others will come as you defeat more bosses. Water is tailored towards buffing your Assault power making it very effective in clearing rooms. Fire increases your melee attack and gives you a spin move that is perfect for bosses.

If it's a flask symbol, you'll get a choice between one of three potions. One restores your health, one raises your attack power temporarily, and the last one raises your defense temporarily. Since bosses are quite beefy and are accompanied by armoured enemies, you should save Potion Rooms for when you're about two to three rooms away. Don't waste them on healing unless you're in dire straits. Be warned, however, because sometimes you'll only have a matter of seconds to decide which reward you want.

Tip #3 - Frequently tend to your Gear

In between runs, you'll have a chance to upgrade your weapons, armour, and accessories. You can raise their strength in increments using gold or by transcending them once you collect a certain number of duplicates. Though your hero has an overall level, it's the strength of your gear that raises your chances of survival. However, don't spread yourself too thin so pick your favourite pieces and concentrate your resources on them. Not only does doing this make your hero stronger, but also grants you rewards from the Scroll tab which you can use to get more gear.