Dungeon of Gods surpasses a million downloads two months after launch

Dungeon of Gods surpasses a million downloads two months after launch
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Dungeon of Gods is SuperPlanet’s mobile action RPG that launched just a month and a half ago. But in this short time, the game has reached new heights of popularity and has reached notable milestones. Since launch, Dungeon of Gods has already amassed over one million cumulative downloads, has broken into the top three in Japan, and topped charts in Taiwan and lots of other European countries. Additionally, it has been listed on Google Play and the Apps Store’s Editor Recommendations.

That’s a tonne of milestones to achieve in a relatively short time. The roguelike that pits players against gods simply took the gaming world by storm. SuperPlanet has also planned to give players loads of rewards, including 1500 Gems and Tickets. There’s a lot more to look forward to as well, which can be found on Dungeon of Gods’ official Discord channel.

And it all begins with the lines that resonate with players throughout the game: “The gods wondered what beings born between humans and gods would look like so they created demigods.” While going up against gods may sound daunting but the gameplay is so fluid, that it feels much easier as players are only dragging and dropping arrow keys.

Combat can be made more complex with consecutive attacks, which will also help the demigod to grow. Ultimately, the goal is to beat gods with one single hit. The gameplay is tight enough to ensure players never get bored as Dungeon of Gods is full of action and looks visually great. Once everyone has been defeated, players can finally ascend to the rank of King of the Gods.

In case you haven’t already tried this masterpiece, download Dungeon of Gods now for free on the App Store and Google Play. Don’t forget to claim the free celebratory rewards as well.

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