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Build your Dragonheir: Silent Gods friends list with our friend code list

Build your Dragonheir: Silent Gods friends list with our friend code list

Dragonheir: Silent Gods may not be a multiplayer game in a sense, but building alliances and a healthy friends list is still as satisfying as in any other game. To help out players who may not have mobile-using friends, we've compiled another one of our friends list posts, this time for Dragonheir.

If you're not familiar with how these posts work, we basically kick-start a list of friend codes for a game, starting with our own. readers looking for fellow players, whether to form an alliance or simply to build out their friends list, can then leave their own friends codes down below!

Our friend code is: 2044219155597076480 (InyolaHermenor)

Want to add your own friend code? Simply leave it in the comments below and over time you'll build out a whole community of like-minded readers that are enjoying Dragonheir: Silent Gods.

Although you can't play together directly, you can join raids, Alliances and more to help earn exclusive rewards - or simply chat about your team composition and get tips from other players, or share your build with others!

The world of Dragonheir: Silent Gods tasks you with building a team of like-minded heroes to bring down the Child of Chaos on behalf of the enigmatic Dragon Queen. But is she all that she seems to be? And is the Child of Chaos really the villain everyone thinks they are? You'll have to check out Dragonheir: Silent Gods for yourself to puzzle that out!

Or maybe you just want to hit stuff with an increasingly diverse and interesting array of heroes. Either way, Dragonheir is the game for you. And with our friend codes, you can build out a like-minded player group, or maybe just claim any rewards that adding friends offers. Either way, we've got you covered.

To find your friend code, simply open up your Settings menu and it'll be set front and centre in the Accounts menu, with your character name and a string of numbers to use, just above options to bind your account.

If you want to build up your team and get experience in the game, there's a whole bunch of articles. We've got a constantly updating Dragonheir codes for free bonuses, a tier list of all the characters currently available and an entire article dedicated to tips and tricks for beginners just starting in the world of Adenthia!

What's been your experience with Dragonheir? Anything you love? Anything you feel frustrated by? Feel free to share your stories in the comments alongside your friend code!

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Iwan Morris
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