Dragonheir: Silent Gods debuts phase two of Dungeons & Dragons collaboration

Dragonheir: Silent Gods debuts phase two of Dungeons & Dragons collaboration
  • You'll be able to unlock the famous wizard Elminster and battle it out with his student Sammaster
  • New rewards including Heliolite dice will be available
  • A new storyline will delve into the rift between master and student

SGRA Studios' Dragonheir: Silent Gods is set to debut phase two of their Dungeons & Dragons collab. The new event will continue the ongoing storyline as well as introduce a new boss and character to recruit.

You'll be able to recruit the wizard Elminster, a famous face from D&D history, before taking the fight to his former student and renegade sorcerer Sammaster. You'll be able to collect exclusive rewards, Heliolite dice for summoning and more when the event hits Dragonheir: Silent Gods today! Yes, you can go play and get collecting right now.

This newest phase of the collaboration event delves into a new storyline quest - Arcane Clash - where players will discover what drove a rift between Elminster and his student Sammaster. The former is now a deadly necromancer that threatens all corners of the multiverse.

The event will allow you to unlock brand new dice skins and artifacts; the Arcane skin and A Guide to Magic by Elminster, respectively. Additionally, Sammaster will be the first boss character to introduce what they're calling multi-phase combat mechanics, requiring players to tailor both their strategies and teams to overcome his destructive abilities.

And, of course, players can recruit Elminster - whom Baldur's Gate 3 players will likely recognise. This famous face from D&D history has featured not just in video games but also in books and magazines since the 1980s. Suffice it to say he's as well-known as Drizzt Dro'urden (although those hoping for the latter's reappearance may be sad to learn he isn't set to return to the summoning pool during this phase).

And while he hasn't returned just yet, if you're interested in how to summon the first phase hero Drizzt Dro'urden, you can check out our guide on how to do so! Hopefully, when he does return that'll give you a jump-start on unlocking this equally famous face.

Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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