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Dragonheir guide - Several tips to turn you into a true Dragon on the field

Dragonheir guide - Several tips to turn you into a true Dragon on the field

A guide to mastering mechanics in DragonHeir.

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Since the gaming pioneer Gary Gygax shared his ideas for a whole new kind of gaming, Dungeons and Dragons has continued to grow. While it may at first have been a niche hobby, it continued to expand to more mainstream outlets with many tuning in just to follow along with people playing through various adventures. It's definitely a demanding game that takes many different elements into effect to deliver a comprehensive and realistic experience in a fantasy-like setting. Video game designers have tried to bring this across in multiple ways, and another attempt has taken the form of a game called Dragonheir: Silent Gods.

Dragonheir drops you into the world of Adenthia, a fantasy realm facing a serious threat. After surviving a serious ordeal on another plane of existence, you're tasked with trying to stop the chaos from spreading any further. Of course, as the custom-made Chosen One, you have powers and insight that none can hope to match. However, it'll definitely take you some time to get used to your new powers and you're still as vulnerable as a fly on a windowsill. Thankfully, your own prowess and the aid of other heroes willing to join you on your journey will help you see this adventure through to a successful end.

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Tip #1 - Take a D&D Crash Course

If you're aiming to dominate in Dragonheir, you need to get some knowledge of Dungeons and Dragons. While this game may be its own thing, it borrows heavily from the world-famous tabletop RPG. The biggest indicator of this is the fact that dice rolls will come into play throughout the game. As with actual dice rolls, you don't have any control over them with only your character's and your heroes' scores adding bonuses to help out the role. Rolls may come up while you're out exploring and could determine whether or not you have to enter a difficult battle. Learn what you can about skill checks, proficiencies, and chance so that you can effectively respond to the best and worst of dice roll outcomes.

Tip #2 - Camp Often

Camping is essential to any adventuring party whether it's a casual or epic journey. After you get some new party members, you'll be able to set up camp while you're exploring the overworld. It's not meant to help you recover from battle, but more to help you prepare for upcoming battles. As you make progress, you'll gain access to new mechanics that you can use at camp that helps with making healing and booster potions, crafting weapons and armour for your party, and summoning additional heroes to help you out. There are no limits to camping so do it whenever you have something to use there.

Tip #3 - Mind Unit Placement Carefully

The biggest aspect of Dungeons and Dragons that many players overlook is spacing when it comes to examination and combat. This game gives you more of a chance to work with space whenever you enter battle. Both heroes and enemies have to work within a grid system. When heroes are placed, they rigidly commit to their position with melee fighters moving forward or backwards depending on where the nearest enemies are located. This is also important to consider when it comes to your heroes' Ultimate abilities which have very strict AoE coverage. Observe the kinds of enemies, where they are, the heroes you place, and their Ultimate ranges before you place them.

Tip #4 - Look Everywhere

When you're not battling enemies, you'll be wandering around the overworld looking for towns and the next point of the story. Of course, there's plenty of freedom to roam around the area you're in with no rush to continue the story. This is important if you're looking for herbs and fruits to cook healing items, and different types of ore to craft equipment. This is also the main way that you'll find side quests which can yield lots of gold and other valuable items like extra summons. If things go awry, you can always try again with a chance to set up camp so that you can better prepare.

Tip #5 - Keep your Ranged Attackers Free

The character that you create will gain access to ranged magic attacks that will be connected to one of the four primary elements: Fire, Poison, Frost, and Lightning. However, you'll soon be joined by other magic users and ranged warriors. When these types of heroes are placed on the field, they will plant themselves, firing attacks at any enemies in range. As a result, they'll be extremely vulnerable to melee attacks and limit the range of their Ultimate attacks. If your ranged and magic units are being assaulted by flanking enemies, use other heroes' abilities to limit those attackers so that they can better help your front line.

Tip #6 - Focus your Build

While many modern RPG games give the chance for characters to level up in ways that keep them balanced, that's not the case for Dungeons and Dragons type of games. This is because stats scores are intentionally kept close to each other with a few additional points applied to two or three specific stats. This is meant to guide your character build so that you don't stretch your growth too thin. Your character will be one of the most powerful heroes you'll include in combat and will be leading while in the overworld so it's important that you decide early on what kind of character you want. A strong combat character is just as valuable as a strong narrative character.

Tip #7 - Comb for Conflict

Like with most RPGs, you'll need to accept the fact that you'll need to grind for strength. You don't get much EXP from fighting enemies, but you'll get useful rewards that will add to your power. Leveling up is done by distributing EXP vials which are typically found in chests, lucky looting, and occasionally from fighting. If anything, the more battles you fight, the more practice you get with your different heroes, and the more that you learn about the kinds of monsters you're fighting in the current region. Since you're only restricted to 5 heroes per battle, it allows you to master the system so that you can dominate small skirmishes and massive boss battles.

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