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Where to find Wyrmarrow and Dragon Crystals in Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Where to find Wyrmarrow and Dragon Crystals in Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Nuverse’s Dragonheir: Silent Gods is an expansive take on the RPG genre that’s been hotly-anticipated up to its release in September. But, like any mobile game, it’s got its own currencies that you may need to use to progress, or just improve your chances of succeeding in the various dungeons and battles.

So, here’s a guide on where to find the Wyrmarrow and Dragon Crystals and what they’re used for in Dragonheir: Silent Gods!

Wyrmarrow in the shop


“A gemstone coagulated from the buried marrow of Dragon Gods according to legend. It is an extremely rare currency” - In-game description.

This is a red crystal that you can find throughout the game world, simply keep an eye out for a hand icon around the landscape, and more often than not the loot you pick up will include a few pieces of this red gem.

Wyrmarrow is used for various purposes, including upgrades and other boons not purchasable with regular gold. You can also find it in the store, as part of offers like the Wyrmarrow Mining Warrant which also offers Dragon Crystals. Daily Supply Shop in Dragonheir

Wyrmarrow can be used to obtain Heliolite Dice, which can be used to summon more powerful heroes than regular Starlight Stone Dice. You can also exchange them for gold, Alliance-related items (such as renaming scrolls) and Stamina. Another way to obtain them would be to redeem Dragonheir codes and claim them for free.

Dragon Crystals

“A gemstone coagulated from the pure power of Dragon Gods according to legend. It can be used to redeem extremely rare items.” - In-game description.

These are yellow gems that are a lot rarer than Wyrmarrow and are only given as rewards for events or other special activities. So you won’t be finding this in the environment or as common rewards for quests except in exceptional circumstances. You can purchase them from the item store in-game of course, and they’re usually bundled with Wyrmarrow.

Dragon Crystals in Dragonheir's shop

Unlike Wyrmarrow, Dragon Crystals are mainly used for limited-time offers and other enhancements. So while they’re not your bread and butter, if you do pick them up, be sure to make use of them as soon as possible!

Other currencies

Aside from Wyrmarrow and Dragon Crystals, there are a couple of other currencies you should be aware of. These include Gold, which is your bog-standard currency for obtaining items in-game as you would in any other RPG, and Stamina, which is shown as a bread icon on your menu.

Gold is typically used for getting items such as healing potions, and for upgrading/levelling up your characters. At least early on this is a pretty perfunctory amount, but it will scale with the levels as you climb higher, so it’s always good to keep some gold on hand. You won't be able to get any premium items with this, but regular equipment, potions, food and other items can still be very useful when purchased. Other currencies in Dragonheir Stamina is used to access dungeons throughout the game world which offer rewards including the all-important EXP potions to help you adventure onwards. They can be recovered with either time, or by purchasing more from the store. It's an important "currency" since dungeons are going to be your primary means of earning EXP potions for upgrading your characters - and with such a wide roster of possible summons, you're going to need a lot of them.

Hopefully, this guide gives you a brief overview of the currencies available in Dragonheir: Silent Gods, how to use them, what they can be used for and where to find them! If you'd love to be off to a good start, maybe it would be wise to quickly glance at the Dragonheir guide that will teach you about the essentials.

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