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Disney Mirrorverse best teams

Disney Mirrorverse best teams

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Updated on: June 15th, 2023 - added new teams - Original article by Alina Novichenko, updated by Cristina Mesesan
If you want to create the ultimate team that destroys everything in its path, then we can certainly help you out. You can build the strongest Disney Mirrorverse team with top-tier characters that will wipe out hordes of enemies in a matter of seconds. Would you like to do that? Then read this guide, and you will find everything you need to know about the best teams in Disney Mirrorverse. So, no time to lose. Let's get started!


Disney Mirrorverse team fighting

Every guardian in the game has a role, which means that every team should have good synergy. The ideal setup should be:

One tank, one support, one damage dealer

Another ideal option is two guardians with the same role working with a single guardian that has a different role. For example two tanks and one support. And remember that the game does not have any boundaries in terms of team building, so feel free to experiment.

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Disney Mirrorverse best team: Mr. Incredible + Mickey Mouse + Snow White

The most important character here is probably Snow White as she gains defense. Moreover, she works well with Mr. Incredible. So, you will have two hybrid tanks that can deal a massive amount of damage. And their support, Mickey Mouse, will heal them and give buffs.

If you do not have Mickey Mouse, then Hiro Hamada might be a great replacement. In case you do not have Mr. Incredible, then you can go with Sulley. Unfortunately, he's not as good as Mr. Incredible but he has more defense. Also, he can knock back with some stuns. And Snow White can be replaced with Woody or Captain Hook.

But still, it must be highlighted that Snow White is currently the best melee character in the game. She can act as a tank guardian.

Team two - Hiro Hamada + Scrooge McDuck + Plug and Play characters (for example, Mr. Incredible or Snow White)

The reason why both Mr. Incredible and Snow White would work well together with Hiro Hamada and Scrooge McDuck is that they have similar kits. Mr. Incredible is a light tank with high damage while Snow White is a heavier defensive melee character with a lot of damage. So, when used with Hiro and Scrooge McDuck, Show White will be buffed by them. This might not be the best team in Disney Mirrorverse, but it's probably one of the top three.

Team three - Mulan + Baymax + Belle

We must mention that Belle is considered to be one of the best healers at the moment. Her healing will work for all her allies, which is a great advantage. Although Baymax is thought to be the best tank, he does not deal the same amount of damage that characters of the same role do, but his unique ability will bring a lot of benefits to the team. As for Mulan, she has got an amazing area of effect special attack.

Team four - Jack Skellington + Hiro Hamada + Mr. Incredible

Jack Skellington has an incredible ability to keep both Hiro and Mr. Incredible on top. Furthermore, he gives both of them attack buffs which increase their damage. Mr. Incredible is a source of buffs. He gains a lot of armor, as well as defense and attack buffs. The reason why Hiro is on this team is simple: Jack Skellington gives attack buffs to Mr. Incredible and Mr. Incredible increases his own damage, and Hiro will boost Mr. Incredible damage to the top.

Team five - Ariel + Simba + Mickey Mouse

In this Mirrorverse team, Simba is the tank (a really good one), while Ariel grants amazing buffs, cleanses and deals damage, and Mickey does what Mickey wants to do - boosting attack and granting more amazing buffs. It's a really fun squad to play since Simba, even though is the acting tank, does also inflict considerable damage.

Team six - Ariel + Gaston + Jack Skellington


This team is considered one of the best because it can kill the enemy at any distance. Ariel, who is the S Tier melee guardian, can destroy enemies at close range, while Gaston, who is considered the S Tier ranged guardian, can deal powerful damage to enemies from long range. Jack Skellington as an S Tier support provides his allies with buffs and also can heal them. This makes a strong team composition with no visible weaknesses.


As mentioned, the game does not limit you in creating your ultimate team that will destroy everything in its path. Disney Mirrorverse offers over 40 characters from the franchise, so there are plenty of possible teams to experiment and try things out. For fans of the genre, we have an article covering Summoners Greed's best teams that will make you unstoppable.

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