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Disney Mirrorverse brings back all the iconic Disney and Pixar characters to mobile in a brand new way

Disney Mirrorverse brings back all the iconic Disney and Pixar characters to mobile in a brand new way

Pretty much all of us have grown up watching animated movies created by Disney and Pixar. Now, with the gaming industry picking up, what could be cooler than seeing your favourite childhood characters become playable heroes? Disney Mirrorverse makes this possible as Kabam has teamed up with Disney and Pixar Games to create a team-based action RPG for mobile, featuring characters like Rapunzel, Buzz Lightyear, Baymax, Jack Sparrow, and so many more.

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Disney Mirrorverse is set in a divergent universe which seems to be an amalgamation of everything related to these massive companies. Everyone’s favourite Disney and Pixar characters have been transformed into Guardians who must protect this world from a group called the Fractured, who won’t stop until the Mirrorverse is destroyed.

The character models are of course a sight to behold. Stunning designs, and breathtaking worlds, all set in a high-stakes universe. There are a plethora of Guardians to pick and add to your squad, shining all these iconic characters in a brand new light. Combat-wise, Disney Mirrorverse features real-time action where players will control the Guardians, decide their strategies, special actions, and more. And if you’re in it purely for the cinematic experience, an auto-play option is available as well.

There’s so much to do in the game, that players are guaranteed to stay occupied at all times. There is a tonne of gameplay modes like the main story mode along with its quests that will be updated periodically, event quests, alliance missions, tower of talents, dungeons, and more. Monthly updates are part of the package too, ensuring that the Mirrorverse is constantly expanding with things to do.

Check out our review for Disney Mirrorverse if you're unsure about giving the game a try. Meanwhile, if you’re already sold out on it, then download the game for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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