Disney Dreamlight Valley Parks Fest event is out now

Celebrate the Disney parks in style

Disney Dreamlight Valley Parks Fest event is out now
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley is set to host a limited-time Dreamlight Parks Fest
  • Complete quests and collect exclusive items inspired by Disney parks
  • Complete community milestones set by Dreamlight's socials for even more rewards

Disney Dreamlight Valley, the hit life sim from Gameloft, is set to introduce a new limited-time event giving Disney fanatics more to collect and celebrate from their favourite movies and, in this case, theme parks. The Disney theme parks are arguably as much a part of the brand as their movies and TV shows, and in the Dreamlight Parks Fest, you'll be able to take on a variety of new quests to collect exclusive decorations, recipes and more.

Throughout the event, you'll get requests from the various Disney (and Pixar) characters living in your village to complete special quests. You'll collect Disney Parks-inspired buttons and cook cupcakes to help fill these requests, and when completed these will grant a variety of in-game rewards, from furniture to maps and even collectible popcorn buckets.

Naturally, Disney Dreamlight Valley's social accounts will also be getting in on the action, hosting a number of community milestones for players to work towards, with rewards such as Moonstones and crafting resources for each milestone.

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Like we said, Disney's theme parks are arguably an even bigger part of their identity than even their movies. With sites all over the world, Disneyland is synonymous with many American families' holiday getaways and is considered the trip of a lifetime for those abroad. For those less invested it may seem a bizarre obsession, but given how Dreamlight Valley is basically 'Disney Properties The Game' we're not surprised a tie-in like this was on the cards.

A major part of Disney Dreamlight Valley, like any life-sim game, is cooking, and you can check out all the things you need to know by taking a gander at our guide for all the recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. And if you're not fussed about Disney Dreamlight Valley, but still want something to play, then why not check out our list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far) to find out what we think is worth a play?

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