Diablo Immortal's October 2022 update features the much-awaited character transfer system and new battle pass

Diablo Immortal's October 2022 update features the much-awaited character transfer system and new battle pass
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Blizzard Entertainment’s hit mobile ARPG Diablo Immortal has just received its October content update. in includes the merging of certain servers, a new battle pass, the character transfer feature, and some improvements and bug fixes.

Character Transfer

Transferring characters across servers is always a much-requested feature. With the October update, Diablo Immortal players are entitled to one free transfer. It has no expiry date, but can only be done once. Post this, it will cost $15 per shift.

Characters must be at a minimum of level 30 to be eligible for transfer, with a cooling period of 30 days between any subsequent ones. All items and cosmetics shall be retained but any that can be traded in Wynton’s Grand Market will no longer be tradable.

Battle Pass

The update introduces the new season six battle pass – Below the Sands. It features one of Sanctuary’s most powerful mages, Zoltun Kulle. His work revolved around constructs that can endure shifting sands and focused on the physical strength and obedience of these constructs. His libraries may be crumbling, but his followers still worship him.

The battle pass contains 40 ranks of challenges and rewards like Legendary Gems, Crests, and Hilts. The Empowered and Collector upgrades will grant access to more rewards. This season will end on November 24th.

Hungering Moon

Even after trying so hard to quench the moon’s hunger, it seems as if the lunar overlord still craves blood. And so, between November 3rd and 7th, players will take up to three tasks a day to win the Astrolabe Power that can be used to unlock one of two types of blessings. Players must choose from either the Blessing of Magic increases Magic Find or Blessing of Might, which allows raiding dungeons in exchange for Moonsilvers.

Boon of the Progenitors Bundle

To top it off, players with characters above level 40 can purchase this new bundle that includes a bunch of Eternal Orbs, two Legendary Gems, and two weeks worth of login rewards.

For a more deeper look into all these additions and the bug fixes, visit Diablo Immortal’s official website.

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