Disney Dreamlight Valley's Thrills and Frills update is now live

Daisy Duck finally joins the party

Disney Dreamlight Valley's Thrills and Frills update is now live
  • Daisy Duck added to the game with a new questline
  • Open your own boutique as well as theme park
  • Act II of A Rift in Time is now available, featuring Jafar

Gameloft has just released the highly anticipated Thrills and Frills update in Disney Dreamlight Valley, bringing a tonne of new content to the adventure game featuring characters from the Disney and Pixar universe. It was first announced last week, and now the patch is finally available on all platforms. On top of that, The Spark of Imagination quest featuring Jafar also goes live, building on the in-game lore.

The highlight of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Thrills and Frills update is the introduction of Daisy Duck. Donald Duck’s partner has finally made it to the adventure sim, and she will bring some new information about the source of the Forgetting. The two lovers have been apart for so long and it’s your job to help them reconnect through some vibrant challenges.

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Spend enough time helping Daisy and you’ll be put in charge of your own boutique. Show off your skill by showcasing your custom designs from the Touch of Magic collection. The best part is these can also be shared with other friends during Valley Visits. If that isn’t enough, you can also create your own Dreamlight Park with various attractions and things to do. It’s like running your very own Disneyland.

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If you're more of an Eternity Isle person, don’t worry - the developers haven’t forgotten you. The A Rift in Time Expansion is also being updated with Act II of the expansion pass, titled The Spark of Imagination. It begins with The Sunken Ruins and will take you to the Ancient’s Landing in search of the Spark of Imagination. Remember, it is a race against time as Jafar is after the same artifact.

There are plenty of other quality-of-life upgrades and improvements to other in-game mechanics. You can check all of this out by downloading Disney Dreamlight Valley by clicking on your preferred link below. Visit the official website to learn everything else about the Thrills and Frills patch.

Tanish Botadkar
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