Diablo: Immortal's second anniversary celebrations are right around the corner, here's what to expect

Is this an extremely early April Fool's joke?

Diablo: Immortal's second anniversary celebrations are right around the corner, here's what to expect
  • Diablo: Immortal's 2nd anniversary is right around the corner
  • Celebrations start from June 6th and continue throughout the month
  • Avarice the Gold-Cursed is making the jump from Diablo IV to Immortal

Despite a rocky start, and a very frosty reception from some fans, Diablo: Immortal is very much here to stay. Proving to be a massively popular mobile rendition of the classic hack 'n' slash dungeon-crawler, Immortal will celebrate its second anniversary this month, alongside the first anniversary of Diablo IV. So, with celebrations set to start June 6th, here's what you can expect.

I love gooold A menu screen for Diablo Immortal showing off the anniversary event content.

Across Sanctuary, goblin activity is on the rise, and in the anniversary event March of the Goblins your only objective is to squash these nasty green gremlins. Treasure Goblins are the name of the game here, and taking them out will earn you a vast quantity of rewards, including crafting materials, gold, Legendary items, the Glorious Dawn Portal Cosmetic and Battle Pass progression.

In addition, a new boss, Avarice the Gold-Cursed, will be making the jump from Diablo IV to Diablo: Immortal. You'll need to either meet him out in the wild or complete the Trial of Plunder to earn a Gold-Cursed portal to find him. But beating him will earn you a guaranteed legendary item and a number of normal gems.

There's a whole lot more that's being added, too much to cover in-depth here, but if you want to find out exactly what Diablo: Immortal's second anniversary has in store, then dip into Blizzard's official blog for all the nitty-gritty details!

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