Diablo Immortal gives players a chance to join the closed alpha through a quiz on Twitter

Diablo Immortal gives players a chance to join the closed alpha through a quiz on Twitter
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Diablo Immortal is an upcoming free-to-play MMORPG in the Diablo series that is being developed by Blizzard Games. In a recent announcement from the publisher, the game is now undergoing a closed alpha test for the Australian region with a very limited number of testers.

The game’s development is going pretty well as it shifted quickly from the technical alpha that started in December, into closed alpha in just a few months.

After the closed alpha announcement, a lot of players were hopeful that to get their hands on it, but unfortunately, we can't all be that lucky. But after seeing the official tweet, there might be another chance for the players to test out the game.

Recently, the official Twitter handle of Diablo Immortal tweeted a quiz based on the game. The tweet asks the player about the in-game ancient glyph. Players who can guess what the glyph means will get a chance to enter the closed alpha.

And the latest tweet from the same account asks you to post a picture of an old cellular device that you own. The winner gets selected randomly and will also be a lucky tester of the alpha version. Also, the deadline for the challenge is May 26th at 11:59 PST.

Looking at such an announcement, it looks the Diablo team is expanding its tester base and recruiting new members through funny and innovative challenges. 

If you wish to know more about Diablo Immortal, its release date and more, we've got you covered. And you can head to the official website of the game to pre-register for Android and iOS.

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