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Is Descenders a cross-platform game?

Is Descenders a cross-platform game?
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As gaming becomes more and more expansive, companies aim to make them as accessible as possible to reach a wider audience. In the case of Descenders, which was initially released in 2018, it has now become available on both Android and iOS. This is quite the feat considering how graphically demanding the game can be, but it appears to be functioning well on mobile. However, with the transition to phone gaming, the title has adapted some new elements that have not been received favourably by old and new players. Still, it may be able to make up for this if it includes some form of cross-platform gaming.

What Is Descenders?

One of the escapist fantasies that games provide is extreme sports. Many people choose not to pursue these sports due to valid reasons such as not having time, a place to do them, the necessary skill needed, or the desire to take the risk. As such, many people can try them out in some form with extreme sports games, one of them being Descenders. This is a third-person game about extreme cycling that was developed by the team at Rage Squid and was published by No More Robots and Game Source Entertainment.

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The player takes control of a rider and has to guide them across an offroad track full of dips, climbs, and various other environmental features all while trying to keep the rider from falling or crashing. The game can be played solo or against other players in competitive modes. The goals of any ride revolve around speed and getting to the end of the track as fast as you can, all while performing tricks as the land generates ahead of you. The game can be played locally or online and has since gone on to be one of the most well-received extreme sports games, currently having a perfect score on Steam.

Is Descenders Cross-Platform?

When Descenders was first released, it was made available on all the major consoles, including Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. Since then, the game has remained active - updates are still being developed for it, with one recently being released in June. This added a whole new gameplay event known as the Mischief Tour. Due to its online nature and relatively straightforward gameplay, it wasn't long before it made its way onto mobile. It can currently be purchased for around $9.99 on both the App Store and Google Play.

The mobile version is still recent, having just been released for play earlier in August of this year. It received an update soon after. Though the Apple version maintains a positive rating, the Android version suffers from processing issues as well as controller compatibility. However, if there were cross-platform features, players would have the option to transfer their data to another platform and play online with players not using the mobile version. Unfortunately, while Descenders does have a cross-platform option, it is based on the core version. This means that players playing the console version of the game can play with each other, but players on the mobile version cannot. 

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