Smash-hit downhill racer Descenders is coming to Switch "very soon"

Get ready for high-octane racing action

Smash-hit downhill racer Descenders is coming to Switch "very soon"
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Descenders launched earlier this year for PC and Xbox, seemingly coming out of nowhere and quickly generating a whole lot of buzz. It’s a downhill freeriding game that serves up procedurally generated worlds for you to hone your extreme sport’s skills on, and it's headed to Switch "very soon".

The game comes to us from RageSquid, the team behind 2014’s butt-sliding platformer Action Henk, which saw you playing as a 90’s-style action figure.

Since launch, Descenders has received a ton of fresh new content, all of which we can probably expect to see bundled in with the Switch version. While I haven’t yet played it myself, the gameplay looks great, with rapid-fire reaction times clearly being essential and tons of challenging slopes to tackle and jumps to land.

Having read some reviews of the PC version, it sounds like the game allows for some impressively tight and subtle control over your rider and bike. The physics-based riding looks weighty and intense, as it should.
Your ultimate goal is to survive the entire game in a single, no doubt highly stressful run. Doing so will enter you into the ranks of the legendary Descenders; an exclusive club indeed.

As you play, you’ll unlock special mutators which keep repeat runs feeling fresh. And there’s also an extensive online mode and rep system that allows you to show off your freeriding skills. You’ll choose between three different teams: Enemy, Arboreal, or Kinetic; and you’ll be bound together with other players on the same side as you. The team with the highest rep will be rewarded with regular prizes, and you can even kit out your rider with your team’s colours and exclusive gear.

Based on the Tweet I’ve embedded above, you can expect to see Descenders come crashing onto Switch “very soon”. While that’s admittedly a little vague, I’d imagine we’ll be seeing it well before the year is through.

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