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Dead Cells Moonflower Keys - what they are and where to get them

Found a Moonflower Key and wondering what it's for? Let us guide you.

Dead Cells Moonflower Keys - what they are and where to get them

Dead Cells is full of weird and wonderful keys and items like the Moonflower Keys, but it’s not always immediately clear what to do with them when you find them. Of course, you could take the time to explore Dead Cells’ ever-changing world, facing hoards upon hoards of monsters, risking everything in hope of finding a scrap of information that tells you what to do with an item you may not come across again naturally…

Or, you could use our guide. We’ve done the hard work for you, discovering exactly where to look for the elusive Moonflower Keys, finding out what they’re for, and what you get for your hard-earned items. So, settle in, young Beheaded. Let’s begin.

What are the Moonflower Keys in Dead Cells?

Moonflower Keys are one of the many types of keys that can be found throughout the world of Dead Cells. Like others, such as the related Gardener’s Keys, they open areas otherwise inaccessible and lead to a specific reward. You’ll need to find all three Moonflower Keys in order to unlock the reward.

How do you find the Moonflower Keys in Dead Cells?

how to find the moonflower key in dead cells

First, we have to discuss how to find the Moonflower Keys. You’ll need to find the three Gardener’s Keys, but don’t worry - we’ve already written a guide on how to find the Gardener’s Keys you need. Note that you’ll need a few runes in order to reach the Gardener’s Keys, so be sure to check out that guide if you’re unsure.

Next, you’ll also need to have three Boss Cells active on your run, and need to have collected the Gardener’s Keys. With all of this done, you’re ready.

The Moonflower Keys can be found in the following areas:
  • Ramparts
  • Graveyard
  • Forgotten Sepulcher

With three Boss Cells active, you can use the three-cell door in the Ramparts to transition to the Insufferable Crypt. This allows you to fight Conjunctivus, proceed to the Graveyard, and then the Forgotten Sepulcher.

Each Moonflower key is found behind a hidden door locked by one of the Gardener’s Keys, so preparation is key. In each of the below areas, look for passages that are faintly marked by vines. Head inside, unlock the door, and grab your Moonflower key.

What do you do with the Moonflower Keys in Dead Cells?

Once you’ve found your keys, head to High Peak Castle. There, you’ll find a secret corridor in a similar way to the others, along with three doors locked by Moonflower Keys. Simply find it, unlock the doors, and claim your prize.

What do you get for finding the Moonflower Keys in Dead Cells?

In exchange for your hard work in finding six keys, you’ll get the Acceptance mutation blueprint. This mutation reduces the number of kills needed to remove a curse by 50% but also makes food curse you when consumed.

Congratulations on finding all the Moonflower Keys! It's quite a feat.

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