DC Dark Legion lets you build a team of your favourite superheroes and supervillains

The latest trailer shows off even more about Funplus' upcoming strategy game

DC Dark Legion lets you build a team of your favourite superheroes and supervillains
  • DC: Dark Legion's latest cinematic trailer is here
  • Funplus' upcoming title lets you team heroes and villains together
  • This strategy game pits your new league against the evil Batman Who Laughs

Funplus has shown off a new cinematic trailer for their upcoming game DC: Dark Legion. Pitting your favourite DC heroes and villains together against the unstoppable force of the Batman Who Laughs (roll with it). This new trailer follows up the reveal of this famous face from the Dark side of the DC multiverse and gives a little more background on just what his diabolical plan might be.

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For those not in the know, the Batman Who Laughs is an alternative universe version of, well, Batman. In his universe, he finally went through with killing the Joker, only to find his arch-nemesis had installed a failsafe that infected and slowly turned him into his own version of the villain.

In Dark Legion, you'll be tasked with recruiting heroes and villains from across the DC Universe, building up your own personal Batcave to train them in and as your headquarters, before taking the fight to the Batman Who Laughs. But judging by this new trailer, he's got more than a few of Earth's most powerful heroes already in his clutches.

You're having a laugh

While some may scoff at the idea of the Batman Who Laughs, we can't deny that the idea of being able to recruit both heroes and villains is a pretty interesting concept. It's not the first time that's been done of course, but it does open up a wide swathe of some of DC's best characters for you to team up and build your dream league.

Check out the official DC: Dark Legion website to stay up to date with upcoming news and pre-register!

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