CrimeBot 2: Unsolved Cold Case is a globe-trotting detective game for mobile, out now

Delve into a world of murder & mystery

CrimeBot 2: Unsolved Cold Case is a globe-trotting detective game for mobile, out now
  • Crimebot 2: Unsolved Cold Case is a new detective thriller game out now
  • Examine documents, connect clues and solve cases all around the world
  • Out now on iOS and Android

Solving mysteries, or rewriting history is one of the many joys of narrative-based games. And one of the latest to hit that genre is the crime-solving thriller Crimebot 2. We're not exactly sure what a Crimebot is, but you play as a detective solving cases all across the world in the vein of Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot or Inspector Clouseau, depending on your level of expertise.

Crimebot 2 is part of that new breed of detective games that we could almost name Call-of-Cthulhu-likes (the tabletop, not the video game). You're presented with a case, a series of clues and documents, and from there, you have to unravel the mystery. No face-reading gimmicks where you try to see if your suspect is lying and no detective vision to help you out unfortunately.

Of course, we can't vouch for how well it all works or how immersive it is, but as a core selling point, it's quite a decent one.

Mystery machine
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Now we do have to give one caveat, which is that we have a strong suspicion (if we're being all detective-like) that this game has a smattering of AI art in it. For us that's enough to put a dent in an otherwise promising concept, but if it's not for you well, to each their own. Hopefully, that sort of generative tech hasn't made its way into the cases themselves.

Suppose you want to check out what other crime thriller games there are on mobile. In that case, we might point you to the recently released instalment of the Methods series, Methods 2: Secrets and Death for a more Danganronpa-like detective experience. And if you're just interested in seeing what we've picked out for you to play this week, you can check out the latest entry in our repeat feature of the top 5 new mobile games you need to try this week!

Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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