The Enchanted World, a low-poly, laid-back puzzler, is out now

This new fantasy puzzle game takes you on a minimalist fairytale quest

The Enchanted World, a low-poly, laid-back puzzler, is out now
  • The Enchanted World, a new puzzle game from Noodlecake, is out now
  • Sole sliding tile puzzles in this simple but engaging game
  • Enjoy stylish low-poly graphics and an engaging, but simple story

Noodlecake's newest puzzle game, The Enchanted World, is out now for the iOS App Store and Google Play. Taking you through a mystical fantasy world of oversized flora and unusual creatures, you'll play as a diminutive witch-mage-thing in a story told wholly without dialogue. You'll also get to explore 9 realms with over 30 puzzles to solve along the way.

The gameplay in The Enchanted World is a simple one, but a proven mechanic. You'll probably recognise it as the tile-matching pipe-puzzle format used in dozens of games, although in this case, your task is to ensure that you can form a path that your character can walk along. Like the story and graphics of the game, it's intentionally minimalist and gives you that simple pleasure of solving a puzzle without any of the hassle.

Lay back and relax
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It's odd that we so often see puzzle games that grapple with how to make them more relaxing to play. Many of us who don't tend to, or in the past haven't liked, the genre mainly find them frustrating, but games like The Enchanted World seem to want to evoke something a bit more laid back in their design, it even boasts of having no fail states, timers or repercussions for failing puzzles.

Maybe that seems a bit too easy for you, but if you want something simple yet engaging, you can have a go at The Enchanted World on iOS and Android now!

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