CounterSide teams up with classic anime series Code Geass for its latest crossover, introducing four units

CounterSide teams up with classic anime series Code Geass for its latest crossover, introducing four units

The decently successful tactical gacha RPG CounterSide is soon set to begin its latest collaboration, this time around with the legendary anime series Code Geass. Code Geass is no stranger to collaborating with different gacha games, and it’s finally time it got around to offering CounterSide with a new barrage of event-limited characters, content, and other rewards as well!

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CounterSide has remained a moderate success since launching a good bit back, mostly due to the unique structure of the gameplay. Acting as an autobattler of sorts, it revolves a lot around tactical team composition creation and skill usage timing, pressing players to become the best commander of their ragtag group of colourful characters that they could possibly be. It makes for a really engaging gameplay loop, and the cherry on top is the excellent world-building and awesome character designs.

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Now, CounterSide players will be able to add brand new units to their team, each one taken directly from the politically driven mecha anime series Code Geass. This collaboration brings in a total of four new SSR characters; Protagonist LeLouch himself, his right-hand lady C.C, the fiery and hotheaded Kallen Kozuki, and Villetta Nu. Each character will come equipped with their own specific skills that are sure to offer a new way to put together your various teams.

Of course, with a new event comes new free handouts. There will be various log-in reward campaigns, numerous new story missions with original content that ties in the world of Code Geass and CounterSide, and even new cosmetic items that can be gathered simply from completing the event content!

Needless to say, this is a pretty big crossover with lots of content on offer, so don’t miss out! Check out the CounterSide x Code Geass collaboration when it launches on August 23rd by downloading the game for free at either of the links below.

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