Counter: Side is a new JPRG heading for iOS and Android in Winter 2021

Counter: Side is a new JPRG heading for iOS and Android in Winter 2021
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Nexon, a Tokyo based company, has announced a new cross-platform RPG called COUNTER: SIDE. The game is set to release in winter 2021 for iOS and Android.

First launched in Korea in 2020, Counter: Side is a JRPG with over 100 different characters in a virtual world that is threatened by an “erosion phenomenon” and an “erosive body” that arose in the real world. The world has been divided into a “normal” and a “counter” side. The normal world is where everyone lives while the counter side is where things vary and dimensions are transcended.

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The boundaries of these two worlds should not overlap. But they do, and when they do, “erosion” is created. These areas of erosion experience paranormal activities and “erosion bodies” can be formed here. These erosion bodies have special abilities. They are ameboid and can take any shape from humans to non-moving masses and are capable of dealing a high amount of damage.

They aren’t the only ones with special abilities, though. Another entity with massive power is a “Counter”, someone who can face eroded bodies and help save humankind. The Counter receives these abilities from the “Watch”. The ability is called the “Counter Reality Force” which depletes with time but can be recovered by consuming “etanium”. Etanium is a highly expensive commodity since it is the only thing between you and the erosion. It will form a crucial part of the game.

Etanium is also revenue for the Task Force Company, a private and non-military organization formed to deal with erosion disasters. The task force, the watch and the counters are the only entities who can save mankind from the threat of these erosion bodies. Will you be able to live up to the task?

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The game has been developed by Studiobside, a team specializing in mobile games. When the game launched in Korea, it quickly reached the #1 rank on both Apple and Android lists.

More information about the release date will be announced soon. From the looks of it, it seems like Counter: Side will have an eventful story and should be an all-in-all exciting game.

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