Last Cloudia teams up with the legendary anime series Code Geass for its latest event

Last Cloudia teams up with the legendary anime series Code Geass for its latest event

The popular mobile gacha RPG Last Cloudia will soon begin its latest collaboration, this time with the legendary anime series Code Geass. This new crossover will allow you to collect characters right from the anime itself, as well as access some new themed quests and gear to tackle with those new characters as well!

Last Cloudia has seen a pretty steady influx of content with weekly events that have been ongoing since launch, but the collaborations are always the biggest batches you can ask for. This action-oriented gacha RPG allows you to create a party of four characters who you then use to traverse a high fantasy world and dig into a rich lore full of twists and turns as you progress through the main story especially.

Of course, alongside the main story, there are also co-op dungeons to tackle as well as different resources to collect and gear to chase after. And now, with this new event, there’s more of all of that except it is all themed around the legendary anime series Code Geass.

The biggest additions are of course, the new gacha banner that will allow you to grab the protagonist LeLouch and the secondary character Suzaku as well. They come with their own unique kits that are different from anything seen before and are sure to serve up that prime fan service to lovers of Code Geass.

From there, the rest of the content revolves around expected additions with collabs in a gacha game. You’ve got new daily quests, event-specific quests, new gear to collect that is themed after items from Code Geass and more. If you’re interested, why not download Last Cloudia at either of the links below for free and check it out?

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