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Cooking Mama: Cuisine! is the latest addition to Apple Arcade

Cooking Mama: Cuisine! is the latest addition to Apple Arcade

We’re halfway through June and its time for this month’s third Apple Arcade game. If you’ve seen the June Apple Arcade releases, you’ll know this one is for the foodies out there because Office Create Corp’s hit Japanese series Cooking Mama is coming to Apple’s gaming subscription service. Cooking Mama: Cuisine! is the franchise’s latest addition and it brings back all the fun and then some.

Apple Arcade users can indulge in the cooking sim as Cooking Mama: Cuisine returns, but with a delicious twist. Yes, the game is still about making tasty food but this time, players must awaken their inner chef and follow their instincts, by picking their own ingredients and coming up with a combination before cooking. The only way to create a successful dish is to mix and match to ultimately discover the perfect recipe.

On the controls side of things, Cooking Mama doesn’t pose too much of a challenge as it functions via mini-games that make use of skills like cutting, baking, and more using commonly found ingredients. As new dishes are created, they are added to a recipe book which can then be boosted with new ingredient combinations. To keep things fresh, the ingredients and utensils will keep rotating daily, allowing players to create different dishes every day.

Along with a new game, a bunch of Arcade apps have received content updates as well. Simon’s Cat – Story Time has 100 new levels and a Trophy Room, Fruit Ninja Classic+ has new Game Centre achievements, Solitaire Stories’ The Cubicle Part 2 story progresses, and Tetris Beat has changed up the Song Cards.

If you wish to become a successful chef without risking your own kitchen, then download Cooking Mama: Cuisine! now through Apple Arcade, a monthly subscription that costs $4.99.

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