Apple Arcade June 2022 update: Air Twister, Jigsaw Puzzle, Cooking Mama: Cuisine, and more

Apple Arcade June 2022 update: Air Twister, Jigsaw Puzzle, Cooking Mama: Cuisine, and more

Apple Arcade brings new games every month for players which includes originals as well as great games from the past. Last month players got their hands on games like Badland Party, Warped Kart Racers, Goat Simulator+ and Pro Darts 2022+. This month, more games are coming with three Arcade Originals and one App Store Great. If you're interested in picking up the finest Apple Arcade games right away, we have that covered as well.

Arcade Originals

Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins (June 3rd)

The first game releases the day after tomorrow. It's Konami’s continuation of the Frogger franchise. Following Frogger in Toy Town, a new Frogger hops into the puzzler genre. Players will uncover all the mysteries of the Ancient Salientians. They will explore ruins and solve 3D puzzles, escaping from traps and enemies in over 100 challenging and fun stages.

Cooking Mama: Cuisine (June 17th)

Office Create Corp.’s popular Japanese video game series, Cooking Mama is back with another entry that lets people make delicious food without exploding their kitchen. Cooking Mama: Cuisine brings all the fun back with an added twist. Players will not only select a recipe but also choose ingredients, create a combination that would work, and then create the dish. Sounds easy but it won’t be. The only way to know what the ingredients will form is to cook them. Competing against a timer will make it even more challenging.

Air Twister (June 24th)

Launching towards the end of the month is the last Arcade Original for June. It is an endless shooter created by the legendary creator Yu Suzuki. You play as Princess Arch, a fighter who is determined to save her planet from imminent destruction by bizarre invaders. The world is beautiful and well-crafted but it is being bombarded by homing arrows that must be escaped. Only Princess Arch can save the planet as she shoots down everyone in her way.

App Store Greats

Jigsaw Puzzle (June 10th)

This isn’t just a game but an entire portfolio of the coolest jigsaw puzzles from all the popular brands like Disney, Hasbro, and more. With over 29,000 different puzzles to choose from, you’re guaranteed to have an endless supply of brain workouts to do while also relaxing and creating beautiful images. Gameplay can be customized to make it easier or more challenging.

Which game will you be looking most forward to? All of them will soon become part of Apple Arcade’s already massive lineup. You can subscribe to it for a monthly cost of $4.99.

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