Cookie Run: Kingdon's latest update releases the second part of the Legends of the Red Dragon special episode

Cookie Run: Kingdon's latest update releases the second part of the Legends of the Red Dragon special episode

The Devsisters have just released a brand new update for Cookie Run: Kingdom, which continues the storyline that began with its predecessor. Version 4.6 is set to carry forward the Legends of the Red Dragon special episode with the second part, while also introducing two new Cookies, costumes, and other improvements.

Cookie Run: Kingdom’s latest character is the Snapdragon Cookie. They are a Special Cookie of the Support type, which fights from the rear end of the squad. Their move, Arcane Blossom provides a tonne of bonuses to allies by blooming other snapdragons. It grants stun and debuff resistance, increased attack and damage resist, and an HP shield, while simultaneously restoring HP.

Next up is the Tarte Tatin Cookie, who was first seen as an NPC in v4.5. She joins the RPG’s roster as a Ranged type Cookie who’s also prioritized in the Rear position. Her skill is called Cannonade, and it sees her reduce the cooldown time and shackle enemies after landing a few hits. She fires a cannonball towards the centre Cookie, which also deals Burn and Boss debuffs.

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The previous update saw Hollyberry Cookie and Pitaya Dragon Cookie embark on an adventure in the Legends of the Red Dragon questline. Part two carries this forward bringing new collection entries and rewards to the fray. It will be available for players who have visited the final stage of part one, To the Valley.

In addition, players can also take part in the new Super Mayhem season taking place in the Dragon’s Valley. Battle effects that will be active in this period are: Cookies and Cookie Skill Levels boosted to level 60, alongside the negation of bonus effects of Toppings. Only their main effects will be applied.

Finally, the new costumes joining the game include Dragon City Vagabond for Tarte Tatin Cookie, Noble Dragon Rider for Royale Margarine, Sovereign of the Abyss for Black Pearl Cookie, and Celestial Messenger for Sherbet.

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