Cookie Run: Kingdom introduces in-game costumes and a new cookie to celebrate Halloween

Cookie Run: Kingdom introduces in-game costumes and a new cookie to celebrate Halloween

Everyone’s favourite cookies from Cookie Run: Kingdom can finally wear cool-looking costumes now! Devsisters have just announced that a new update for the game will give players the ability to make their cookies wear 47 new costumes!

What better way to introduce costumes into the game than Halloween? Everyone’s trick-or-treating in costumes and now these cute cookies will too. Some of the cookies who have received limited-time Halloween themed attire are:

  • GingerBrave
  • Fig
  • Madeleine
  • Latte
  • Strawberry Crepe

New spooky challenges are also coming to Cookie Run: Kingdom, which will reward players with Rainbow Cubes. The more game modes you participate in, the more Cubes you earn, and these can be exchanged in the in-game Shop for limited-time Halloween themed goodies like those costumes mentioned above! A quicker way of obtaining Rainbow Cubes is to simply purchase them from the Shop.

Cookie Run also celebrates the introduction of the 62nd addition to the Kingdom. In at 62 is Pumpkin Pie Cookie who’s shown up right at the peak of Spooky season. Players are going to be baffled after seeing her, questioning whether she is an actual cookie or a paranormal phenomenon.

Here’s why you should be frightened – Pumpkin Pie Cookie was made from a pumpkin growing in the garden of an abandoned house. And she’s joined the battle at the scariest time of the year too. This strong and fierce cookie has excellent pie throwing skills and can control tattered dolls to attack opponents. Get your hands on this spooky cookie through Cookie Run’s Gacha system or by collecting Soul Stones. Pumpkin Pie Cookie will be voiced by Suzie Yung, Garyung Kim, and Kaede Hondo in the English, Korean, and Japanese versions, respectively.

Halloween only marks the introduction of cookie costumes but more are bound to come as time passes! Get your cookie a unique outfit by downloading Cookie Run: Kingdom for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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