Cookie Run: Kingdom introduces new Cherry Blossom Cookie in latest update

Cookie Run: Kingdom introduces new Cherry Blossom Cookie in latest update

Devsisters just launched a bite-sized update for its insanely popular mobile RPG, Cookie Run: Kingdom. It features enhanced Kingdom decoration, seven new costumes, a new Dark Cacao server, and a brand new cookie called Cherry Blossom Cookie.

The newest addition to the Cookie roster, who will remind everyone of the beauty of the Sakura trees, is Cherry Blossom Cookie, who is an epic ambush Cookie whose position is at the rear of the party. She loves picnics and cooking lunch for everyone but she also won’t let anyone near her friends. She has been voiced by Sarah Wiedenheft (Love Live! Sunshine!!, My Hero Academia) in English, Haru Kim (Bathroom Humour, Clytaemnestra) in Korean, and Kaori Maeda (Black Street Girls, Aikatsu Stars) in Japanese.

As a fighter, her special move doesn’t look like it can cause too much damage because it involves pretty cherry blossom flowers raining down on the enemies but it definitely deals a demolishing blow to opponents. The blizzard of this Cookie’s flowers is sure to send enemies flying with its AoE damage. Additionally, the Cherry Blossom Cookie also deals damage to non-Cookies while also increasing the ATK of all her allies. She can form a Bomb and Cherry Blossom bond with Raspberry Cookie, Parfait Cookie, and Cherry Cookie.

A few extra features also include the much-awaited save and load feature that finally allows players to save kingdom loadouts and load them whenever they wish. This is coupled with quality of life changes and improvements to the Storage feature. Finally, new spring-themed items are making their way to Cookie Run: Kingdom as well.

Get the Cherry Blossom Cookie for yourself by downloading Cookie Run: Kingdom for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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