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Cookie Run: Kingdom - Ten tips and tricks to get you started

Cookie Run: Kingdom - Ten tips and tricks to get you started

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Updated on 04.04.2022 - New links added, updated by PocketGamer staff.

Hopefully, some of these Cookie Run Kingdom tips will help you defeat the evils in the land, keeping your cookies in charge of the kingdom that they are trying to take back.

A new battle between desserts and cookies has entered the world! Cookie Run: Kingdom is an adventure RPG where you are helping a team of cookies defeat evils within their world. There are loads of levels to battle through, using your own team of cookie heroes to take on cake monsters and other desserts that block your path.

Along with fighting your way through the various levels, using each of these cookies’ powers, there is also the ability to decorate a town, collect resources, and build machines that will help you continue to level up and improve the heroes that you are leading.

Cookie Run: Kingdom has a huge cast of cookies, many cut scenes, and so many battles, so we have created a list of Cookie Run Kingdom tips and tricks to help you make your way through the game, defeating every single cake that gets in your way.

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There are a lot of ways to play this game, from using in-app purchases to increasing your team's abilities to make sure that your team is leveled up and optimized. 

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Tip #1 - Different Cookie classes make a good squad

When it comes to defeating Cake monsters, you need to have a good squad to back you up. GingerBrave cannot keep the world safe on his own, so you will need to use different cookies in your squad to best support him. There are a total of 9 Cookie Classes: Ambush, Bomber, Defense, Healing, Ranged, Charge, Magic, Support, and Summon.

You need to have a balanced team to help you fight, however, if you are having trouble with RPG class mechanics, you can always tap “Auto” in the squad lobby, and the game does a good job of optimizing your squad for you.

Tip #2 - Always build before you start battling

You will need to collect resources, both for building and for creating items within the game. You can level up your buildings, making sure that your Sugar Quarry, Lumberjack’s Lodge and Smithy are able to produce more items for your heroes. Before you go on your epic adventure, you need to spend some time leveling these areas up and putting your characters in to build.

As these buildings do take time, setting them up before you play and checking them before you log off for the day will optimize your output. There is a big queue in buildings, so do use it.

Tip #3 - Upgrade your Cookie skills

Your cookies also need attention! You can upgrade each Cookie’s special skill using Skill Powders. These powders are gained by completing various tasks in your kingdom or through Daily Bounties. If you upgrade your Cookie’s special power, they will be more powerful when it comes to taking on Cake Monsters and this can really give you an edge in battle.

Tip #4 - Make sure Treasures are equip

When it comes to helping your Cookies out, even more, it’s worth equipping treasures as soon as you find them! You can unlock Treasures through the story, or through a gacha machine (which is coming soon). These treasures can all be seen in your Cookies area, under the Treasures Tab. Many of them have really useful abilities like reviving a fallen Cookie, increasing the defence for all cookies and lowering enemies' defences. Each cookie can have three Treasures equipped at a time.

Tip #5 - Use Cookie Toppings to Buff your Squad

When looking at your Cookie’s stats, if you have cleared Cake Monster camp 2 through 9, you will have a Toppings slot. You can add up to 5 cookie toppings to your team, one on each Cookie. These buffs further help your attack, defence, HP, cooldown time and more. They are very useful for making your Cookies strong and powerful, and they are pretty easy to equip and forget about when using all of their special abilities in battle.

Tip #6 - Claim your Daily Rewards and use your cookie cutter ovens

Cookie Run: Kingdom gives out loads of free stuff each day. You can gain items if you have a notification on the envelope at the top, right-hand side of the screen, so it is worth checking there. In the SHOP menu, under the Necessities tab, you can find a free package each day. The Gacha, menu, at the bottom of the screen, has a Daily Gifts tab (with a timer) that can give you Soulstones and Toppings.

If you have any cookie cutters currently unused, it’s worth taking a look at the Featured Cookie of the day (a rare cookie that’s more common for the time being) and the Cookie’s tab as well, to use these cookie cutters to get closer to having new squad members!

Lastly, under the Events tab, there are a bunch of gifts in each tab: a month of gifts tab, a bake-off tab that wants you to log in at specific times to claim awards, a daily rolling gift area under 13 days of Gifts and more. These should be checked often as there is just a lot of free stuff.

You can also claim some free rewards using the Cookie Run Kingdom codes that we are featuring.

Tip #7 - Send your Cookies on Hot Air Balloon Expeditions

Once you have built up your Cookie Castle and have unlocked the Balloon Dock, make sure that you actually take the time to use it. You can send the Cookies that are part of your team, who you aren’t currently using in your Squad, out to collect Soulstones, Coins, Toppings and more - which is a great use for those who won’t add anything to your team as they will provide you with some good loot instead.

Tip #8 - Take part in Daily Bounties

Check out the Daily Bounties and create a squad of cookies that are perfect for defeating the Cake Monsters that are listed as Wanted. As you can only participate in 3 Bounties each day, you will need to pick a team well suited for the job and make sure they have all the support they need. Each Bounty has Skill Powder to win, which is tied to a specific Cookie Class, and you will unlock it once you have defeated the Wanted Monster.

Tip #9 - Use the Bear Jelly Train Station

If you don’t have exactly what you need to upgrade buildings and continue to improve your kingdom, you can use the Bear Jelly Train Station, once unlocked, to trade with other players. If you help another player out, you can end up receiving unique materials as a trade, including Sturdy Bricks, Royal Jelly Honey, Tall Pillars, and more - all simply for continuing to use your Jelly Train!

Tip #10 - Use the Tree of Wishes

If you still have materials you do not need, then you can donate them to the Tree of Wishes to fulfil your Cookie’s biggest wishes. These materials will basically be traded for coins and Kingdom XP. The greater the materials that are donated, the better the rewards will be. You can also unlock a bonus Daily Reward by completing 8 wishes each day.

We hope that you enjoyed our Cookie Run: Kingdom tips and tricks!

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