Cookie Run: Kingdom finally launches the highly anticipated BTS collaboration "Braver Together"

Cookie Run: Kingdom finally launches the highly anticipated BTS collaboration "Braver Together"

The highly anticipated collaboration between world-famous Kpop group BTS and equally popular gacha RPG Cookie Run: Kingdom has finally launched, and it comes with a ton of new content and charactersl. After last week’s real-world scavenger hunt made specifically to hype up this event, it’s finally come to fruition and brings tons of content for fans of the music group.

First, let’s go over all the new characters. There are seven new Cookies to roll for on the event banner, each modelled after members of the band. We’ve got Cookie RM, Cookie Jin, Cookie Suga, Cookie J-Hope, Cookie Jimin, Cookie V, and Cookie Jung Kook. All of these new characters come equipped with fully unique abilities, and each rock a similar fashion to their real-world counterparts, so be sure to grab them while you can!

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On top of this, we’ve also got two new game modes that you can take part in! The Race Mode is exactly what it sounds like; a racing mini-game that will see you avoiding incoming obstacles as you speed through a track while collecting “Army Bombs”, a new event currency.

Then, we’ve got Concert Mode, which is a rhythm game mode that simply asks you to hit incoming notes at the right time to shoot for a high score. This one also rewards you with event-specific rewards and also includes songs from the bands themself so you can jam along while progressing your game!

Of course, all of the BTS Cookies can also participate in the usual activities within your Kingdom like interacting with your decorations, removing obstacles, participating in production activities, and all the usual jazz. They can also fight in all the normal game modes as well, so they can be utilized just as well outside of the event modes too!

With all of this new content, this collaboration is a big one, so be sure to get involved and grab all these cookies inspired by your favourite boys while you can! If you’d like to do so, you can download Cookie Run: Kingdom for free at either of the links below! In the meantime, check out the official website for more information on the official website!

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