Cookie Run: Kingdom has axed a major new update amid player backlash

Seems like Dark Cacao isn't on the menu after all

Cookie Run: Kingdom has axed a major new update amid player backlash
  • Cookie Run: Kingdom has shelved their latest update
  • Significant player backlash came over changes to rarity tiers and a new character
  • Dragon Lord Dark Cacao and the new rarity tier are now delayed indefinitely

Devsisters has taken the unprecedented step of delaying one of the updates to their flagship game, Cookie Run: Kingdom, after a huge degree of player backlash to proposed changes. The June 19th update that was previously planned has now been postponed indefinitely pending further decisions.

The main point of contention for players was twofold. The return of a character called Dark Cacao and a new rarity tier. It seems that this was a bit of a dam-breaking moment for many players, as Dark Cacao is in fact already in the game, and his currently available version is considered quite lacklustre.

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The new rarity tier meanwhile, is a bit more difficult to explain. But can be taken in the way that it suddenly opens the floodgates for virtually every tier of rarity, and thus a far more difficult time for players to actually acquire characters. Many other games that use gacha mechanics have focused on rarity tiers beyond what is realistically conceivable, and that can be seen as a bit of a money-gouging tactic.

An oven too far?

Balancing business tactics with player satisfaction can be a tricky tightrope for developers. But it seems in this case that Devsisters has had a pretty abrupt, and rather clear-cut 'no thank you'. Still, some players are concerned this delay may not precipitate change and instead form a waiting game to see if the controversy dies down. Whether that's true and what other changes, aside from the current shelving of the new rarity tier, we can expect will be dependent on just how enduring this backlash is.

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