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City of Crime: Gang Wars guide for beginners - tips and tricks to start

City of Crime: Gang Wars guide for beginners - tips and tricks to start

In City of Crime: Gang Wars, there are many aspects that you should know to play effectively. Most beginners stop playing this iOS strategy game after a few hours, as it's pretty challenging to play the game correctly and not make many mistakes.

In this guide, you will find out everything you need to know for beginners in City of Crime: Gang Wars. There will be pieces of advice and some tricks that will allow you to progress faster.


The first and the most valuable advice is to try to find friends. The perfect option is to make friends with more experienced players. They might help you with resources and some tips. Moreover, joining a powerful guild is way more straightforward if you have friends. And the best platforms for finding friends are Discord and Reddit. Various players gather there to play together, and it would be best if you become a part of this community.


Even though speedups are one of the most widespread resources in City of Crime: Gang Wars, they are extremely valuable. And when you are a beginner, speedups have an extremely high impact on your development. You can construct and update buildings instantly using a speedup.

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Unfortunately, most players make a mistake and collect speedups. However, the best option is to spend speedups as soon as you get them. It will allow you to get more resources and progress faster.


City of Crime: Gang Wars is a real-time game. It does not mean you should spend a few hours in the game to progress. However, you should keep all operations busy 24/7.

By doing so, your city will constantly be producing resources. Therefore, you will progress in the game while staying offline. Just log into City of Crime: Gang Wars for 5 minutes every 4 hours, and you will be surprised how fast you progress.


It's no secret that heroes are probably the most important part of City of Crime: Gang Wars. Unlocking new heroes makes significant improvements to your battle potential and development sector. New heroes will decrease the time that you spend on completing quests and doing other important updates.

Also, combat heroes will allow you to have more soldiers and recruit high-level soldiers. And if you have a lot of S-rank heroes, you will quickly become one of the top players in City of Crime: Gang Wars. But you need to remember that unlocking powerful heroes requires time and money.


A syndicate in City of Crime: Gang Wars is an analogue for guilds and alliances in other RPGs. As with any other RPG, Syndicate is one of the most beneficial elements in the game.

And the main reason is that there are various special events for syndicates. Participating in these events gives you valuable resources with nearly no effort. Moreover, in syndicate events, there is team progress. Every syndicate member should contribute to the same progress bar.

The only disadvantage is that to join an active syndicate and get the most benefits, you should be an experienced player. If you search, you should be able to find a good guild.


Most beginners ignore such an essential aspect of City of Crime: Gang Wars, but the fact is that it is a critical mistake. It is extremely important to know who your neighbours are and what they are planning. If you are located near the Syndicate, you will likely become its member.

Also, you should remember that from the beginning, you will have an opportunity to move your city to another location for free. And if you are under constant attack from more powerful players, it is the best option for you. Choose an isolated area with various resources and you will be able to progress much faster.


The foremost thing you should know about completing missions is that it is not only the perfect way to make money but it's also a good option to spend your time in City of Crime. There are 2 types of missions in City of Crime: Gang Wars. The first is a story mode, and the second is a free-play mode. In the story mode, there are 25 unique chapters. Every chapter includes various quests and missions you should complete. You will get rewards by finishing every task.

The second mode is the free-play mode. In this mode, you can wander the world of City of Crime: Gang Wars, just like in Minecraft or GTA - and the fact is that this mode is way more exciting. Here, you can participate in interesting fights against bosses and earn many rewards by doing it.

In conclusion, City of Crime: Gang Wars has various mechanics and systems. They make the game complex. As a result, most players leave it after a few hours. But if you try to socialize, join the syndicate and make new friends, you will never have problems in City of Crime: Gang Wars. And while you are here, make sure to check our list of the best mobile Anime games as well!