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Chrono Legacy tier list - All heroes ranked by their class

Chrono Legacy tier list - All heroes ranked by their class

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Updated on September 20th, 2023 - re-checked the tier list. Game got shut down

In this article, we're going to dive into a complete Chrono Legacy tier list where we've listed all the characters that have been released in the game, to date. 

Chrono Legacy is a strategy RPG developed and published by 37Games Global that was released worldwide a few days ago. If you're planning to have a good start in the game, then picking the best heroes is a must - and what better way to do so, than consult a comprehensive tier list that has all the heroes divided by class? That's exactly what we've done below. We have divided this tier list into the hero roles: Tank, Warrior, Mage, Archer, Support and Assassin.

The best heroes in Chrono Legacy

The heroes each have a unique set of perks that makes them more (or less) viable depending on the enemy you're up against. That being said, you might need to swap out some of the heroes in order to have a better chance of winning the battles in the later stages of the game. 

Early on, you can probably win every encounter by simply dropping a bunch of heroes together without any synergy whatsoever; however, the more you advance, the more each skill and element matters. Having the heroes with mainly the S-tier heroes will make a huge difference, so we recommend you try to obtain them from the gacha. The following Chrono Legacy codes are definitely going to come in handy in that regard! 

So without further ado, click on the big blue button below to check our Chrono Legacy tier list!

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Chrono Legacy - Best Warrior Heroes

Hua Mulan is a legendary folk heroine from Chinese history. Mulan is the best warrior hero available. She deals a massive amount of damage, and also buffs allies' critical rate. She is a must-have, especially for beginners, and hence the spot at the top of the Chrono Legacy tier list.

Tiers Heroes
S Mulan, Alexander
A Subutai,
B Saladin, Richard, William Wallace, Shield Infantry, Nzinga
C Leonidas, Gudit, King’s Guard

Chrono Legacy - Best Mage Heroes

Honestly, who doesn't like Dracula? He is a vampire and a master of life steal. Currently, one of the strongest single target DPS characters in the game. Dracula is able to survive for a long time with the shield.

Tiers Heroes
S Dracula
A Elizabeth
B Guiguz, Cleopatra
C Cai Wenji, Sibylla, Pocahontas, Tribe Witch

Chrono Legacy - Best Archer Heroes

Temujin is so strong that he should probably be banned. It is the strongest single damage hero and is one of the hardest-hitting DPS. His ability to regen HP and 30% chance to remove buff also helps him in fights.

Tiers Heroes
S Temujin
A Arash, Masamune
B Boudica, Queen of Sheba, Ivar, Clisson
C Gozen, Cloud Archer, Royal Archer

Chrono Legacy - Best Support Heroes

Joan of Arc is already a popular hero. Her supporting abilities are the best. She has a great combo of heal, shields, and an attack buff. She is a support hero that everyone should use.

Tiers Heroes
S Joan of Arc
A Asoka, Dido
B Hippocrates, Tomyris
C Nusta, Ashurbanipal

Chrono Legacy - Best Assassin Hero

Shajar al-Durr was a ruler of Egypt. Her skills give her an attack boost of up to 150%, making her the deadliest assassin hero. Her Trickster skills also allow her to steal a good amount of HP, allowing her to stay alive on the battlefield longer.

Tiers Heroes
S Shajar al-Durr, Seimei
A Timur
B Edward, Lautaro
C Charles, Hanzo

Chrono Legacy - Best Tank Heroes

Xeres is simply put, the best tank hero in Chrono Legacy. Even though he is a tank, his attack skills are insane. He is immune to death for a few seconds and can steal HP from enemies.

Tiers Heroes
S Xerxes
A Lagertha, Martha, Roland,
B Sundiata Keita, Bayinnaung
C Viking Warrior

That concludes our Chrono Legacy tier list. For more tips and guides, stay tuned with us.

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