Cats & Soup is celebrating Meowlentine's Day with a new kitty breed and loads of events

Cats & Soup is celebrating Meowlentine's Day with a new kitty breed and loads of events
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It’s all about love on Cats & Soup now Neowiz has planned a whole Valentine’s Day celebration for its adorable kitty-themed idle game. Since we will be in the feline world, the party will also be of that kind and the event has been aptly called the Meowlentine’s Event.

Players can start to celebrate love with their favourite kittens as soon as they launch Cats & Soup thanks to the login event that’s giving away sweet rewards. Based on the number of logins, a tonne of items like limited event costumes, observatory tickets, and gems.

The Meowlentine’s Event also adds yet another breed of kitties to play with as the Somali cat joins the game. This beautiful class of cats is known for its long hair and agouti fur, which gives it several bands of colour. It also has a fox-like appearance thanks to its pointy ears and thick furry tail. The Somali cat joins the forest with the rest of its feline buddies.

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In addition to this, five new packages have been added to Cats & Soup, namely the Valentine’s Day Maid & Whale Set, the Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream, Hot Air Balloon Skin, and the Valentine’s Day Magic Carpet. Each set includes costumes, a friend item, a skin item for the hot air balloons, and stuff to decorate the cat tower.

Besides the Meowlentine’s items, players can also get their hands on the Wild Sunflowers resting facility skin. As its name suggests, the outfit allows wild sunflowers to grow in the Wild Flowers facility. A field of these pretty blooms makes the perfect resting place for cats.

Celebrate love with your feline friends by downloading Cats & Soup now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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