Cats & Soup launches major content update for May with loads of new activities

Cats & Soup launches major content update for May with loads of new activities

Neowiz has just released an exciting new update for its adorable mobile game, Cats & Soup, and it’s packed with content. May promises to be an awesome event for players as there are a bunch of things to do. We kick off with the May Queen Attendance Event which is full of daily exclusive freebies like May's Beret, the stylish May's Spring Outfit, and sparkling gems.

Cats & Soup also welcomes the new Kitty Photo Studio facility with a tonne of limited-time rewards and activities. It tasks players with completing photo missions that offer up to five times greater prizes. And while they’re on this picture-taking expedition, expect to find new faces in the forest you can befriend.

Players will be able to bring home the Dino Buddy T-rex and Dino Buddy Triceratops sets as limited-edition packages. On top of that, there are a few extra customizable options for the facility such as the Camping Tipi Tent Skin as well.

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In addition to that, Cats & Soup has also partnered with the popular keyboard application, PlayKeyboard. A giveaway will be held between May 17th and 31st, where players are encouraged to partake in the MBTI test either using the in-game links or from one of the social media handles.

If you're unsure of what the MBTI test is, it is essentially a battery used to determine a person’s personality. But what does that have to do with keyboards? Well, winners of the giveaway will receive keyboards that have been distinctively curated to match the unique MBTI result.

The collaboration is carried into Cats & Soup with numerous in-game items up for grabs. These can be accessed by visiting the game’s Instagram account. If their post receives over 300 comments, then everyone will be granted a bunch of rewards for free.

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