Cats & Soup celebrates the Lunar New Year with a brand new kitty to collect alongside some in-game events and a platter of new content

Cats & Soup celebrates the Lunar New Year with a brand new kitty to collect alongside some in-game events and a platter of new content
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NEOWIZ’s quite popular and frequently updated idle game Cats & Soup is ringing in the Lunar New Year with some appropriately themed new content. Running through February 8th, this celebration will feature a brand new kitty for you to collect along with up to forty different prizes - both cosmetic in nature and simple currencies - alongside a new way to hang out with your precious felines too.

First off, let’s go over this new cat, as they’re always the stars of whatever updates make their way to Cats & Soup. The Forsythia Persian, an adorable little fur friend that’s sure to make you smile just by looking at him, can be collected by either exchanging the event limited currency Carrots, through the Observatory as usual, or by purchasing the new limited-time real money package in the store.

If you’re wondering how to collect those Carrots, you can get them by participating in the new event-exclusive dice game, which will hand out this currency in spades. That new kitty isn’t all you’ll get for this currency either, as you can also trade it in for over forty new items including the Black Bunny facility skin, a new lamp, star macarons, furniture pieces, and much more. You can even win some new costumes and gems too!

Finally, there’s also a new Resting Facility on offer too! The new TV Facility will allow you to hang out with your feline friends as they indulge in some good old television binging, spread out across a couch and munching down some popcorn. It’s an adorable sight, and you’re sure to fall even further in love with your favourite kitties once they stretch out across that sofa.

And of course, there are also a few new premium packages up for grabs in the real money store. These will give you easy access to the new kitty, new costumes, furniture pieces and the whole shebang, without all of the RNG involved to try and get your hands on all of it.

Lots on offer here to celebrate the Lunar New Year! If you’d like to get involved yourself, you can download Cats & Soup for free at either of the links below!

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