Caracoles is a low-speed slug racing game for iOS

Unlock new slugs and customize your roster.

Caracoles is a low-speed slug racing game for iOS
  • Customize your slug's battle cry
  • Compete in 100 player races
  • Bet on slug races to earn coins

Test your racing skills in the slowest race around. In the newest title from game developer Rednoy s.r.l. you race your slug against other players. The game promises to tickle your funny bone as you guide your slug through perilous tracks.

The game features simplistic one-finger controls. You will guide your slug by tracing a path from start to finish across your screen. Every slug has their own health, speed, determination, vigour and endurance stats. Therefore, you’ll want to choose a slug whose stats align with your playstyle and the difficulty of the current level.

Each individual slug also has its own personality trait; some are hotheaded while others are laid-back, melancholic or spirited. As you play you’ll earn coins which you can use to unlock new slugs, allowing you to customize your roster. You’ll also unlock new levels along the way.

Snails racing on a track between a large green flower and a giant green spider wearing boots.

This slug-tastic racing game features up to 100 player multiplayer races. You can join daily tournaments and marathons to show off your skills. Further, Caracoles lets you place bets on who will win a race. You can bet on yourself or a rival slug and rake in the coins if you guess right.

The game also supports streaming so you can show off your slug racing skills to your followers. Each course in this new racing game boasts a distinct design and features various traps and hazards to avoid. There is also plenty of treasure to be found as well as strange creatures to encounter.

While enduring the stress of traversing dangerous levels you’ll hear slugs belt out battle cries. You can express your creativity by customizing your slug’s battle cry for local multiplayer matches. Caracoles is available for download via the App Store. You can also add this racing game to your Steam Wishlist, though an official launch date has not been announced.

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