Call of Duty Warzone's mobile port rolling out alpha test invites under a new name; Project Aurora

Call of Duty Warzone's mobile port rolling out alpha test invites under a new name; Project Aurora
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The much-anticipated FPS battle royale Call of Duty Mobile has entered alpha testing under a codename; Project Aurora. This alpha test will be conducted globally, so if you’re lucky enough to get chosen, you can join in no matter where you are located.

Project Aurora is first and foremost the mobile port of the super-popular PC/Console battle royale Call of Duty: Warzone. It’s almost certain you are at least aware of Warzone’s presence, as its massive scale all over the world is only rivalled by games like Fortnite or PUBG. This port of the game hopes to allow mobile users who might not have access to expensive consoles or computers to get their hands on the beloved shooter.

It’s a safe bet that even this early on into the alpha test, it’s likely to be a very well polished and easy to pick up and play experience given that Activision is hands-on in development. With a pedigree for massive games, mostly on consoles, many are excited to see how the mobile version of Warzone turns out.

If you’re wondering how to sign-up, the application phase was opened up a little while ago, but you can still find it on the official website. On top of this, if you have any questions about what exactly this closed alpha will look like or how it will work, you can also read up on the FAQ posted over there as well.

Project Aurora is still deep in development, and unlikely to see a global release for quite some time. In the meantime, you can stay posted to the Call of Duty Twitter account for more updates and future news. If you did follow the sign-ups from earlier this year, keep a keen eye on your email as invites are expected to be handed out for quite some time throughout the early testing phases.

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