Call of Duty Mobile releases roadmap for stages four and five of the World Championship 2022

Call of Duty Mobile releases roadmap for stages four and five of the World Championship 2022

Back in March, Call of Duty Mobile announced the World Championship 2022 with a whopping $2 million prize pool for contestants with $1.7 million being reserved exclusively for winners of the World Championship Finals, the biggest payout to date. The tournament was divided into five stages, ranging from solo and team play to qualifiers, and the finals, which will be held offline in December.

We’re now more than halfway through the competition as stage three of the World Championship was completed on July 3rd. It is now time to prepare for the penultimate stage of this mega event as stage four – the regional playoffs will kick off next month. Activision has released a roadmap outlining this stage and the final one as well.

The regional playoffs will also be held online and will be live-streamed so audiences can tune in. The contest begins in India and Latin America on August 13th and 14th. This will be followed by Japan and Europe on August 20th and 21st, finally ending with the North American playoffs happening between August 27th and 28th. A set number of teams will qualify from each region which is as follows:

  • India: Two teams
  • Latin America: Three teams
  • Japan: One team
  • Europe: Three teams
  • North America: Three teams
  • China and Southeast Asia: Two teams each (they will have separate regional competitions)

There is a little snippet for the grand finale as well. The ultimate battle will be a long three-day event scheduled between December 9th and 11th. It will feature a Swiss-style group stage and a double elimination bracket between qualifying teams from the regions mentioned above.

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