Call of Duty Mobile goes cyberpunk with Season 5: Digital Dusk

Check out new cosmetics, a new map and more

Call of Duty Mobile goes cyberpunk with Season 5: Digital Dusk
  • Call of Duty Mobile Season 5: Digital Dusk, is right around the corner
  • Use new weapons, explore a new map and much more in the premium pass
  • The latest update launches May 23rd for all regions

Call of Duty Mobile is going cyberpunk for Season 5: Digital Dusk. Featuring a new map, weapons and yes, a premium battle-pass. This season looks to be the biggest yet for the mobile version of the hit shooter. Digital Dusk is set to launch on May 23rd for all regions, alongside challenges and events to accompany the new content.

As noted, Digital Dusk will feature a new map, Frequency, set on a remote mountain listening post. You'll also be able to grab the new free weapon with the machine pistol, and cyberpunk/sci-fi-themed cosmetics from the premium pass. There's also Emergency Airdrop, a new call-in that drops three random scorestreaks to a given location.

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While Call of Duty Mobile is facing more competition than ever, what with Warzone Mobile being just released, it does seem that ActiBlizz is very focused on continuing to provide updates. However, we're not so sure it'll last given that Warzone looks to be the all-encompassing multiplatform version of the game that they clearly want to ship.

More than that, we're also surprised that CoD is returning, in any way, to the more sci-fi aesthetic. You'll remember Infinite Warfare got quite a bad reception when it was released, and even now the more goofy guns, skins and cosmetics in Warzone tend to have more mature fans grinding their teeth.

Still, if you're an avid CoD Mobile fan this update just adds more and more for you to enjoy.

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