Call of Duty Mobile begins its 2023 seasonal calendar with Season 1: Reawakening

Call of Duty Mobile begins its 2023 seasonal calendar with Season 1: Reawakening

A new year means the seasonal cycle resets in Activision’s Call of Duty Mobile. Beginning on January 18th is Season 1: Reawakening. The year of the rabbit brings a number of new additions such as a multiplayer game mode, new POIs in the battle royale, weapons, and a lot more.

Call of Duty Mobile’s Reawakening season follows the aftermath of the attack on New Vision City. With the UAC disbanded and the Atlas Corporation severely wounded, drama is sure to ensue. In addition to this, the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Rabbit will also be celebrated in-game with loads of themed content.

Battle Pass

The free tiers will include Dingo from Call of Duty: Black Ops III, the Stim Shot, and other camos and blueprints. A lot more will be part of the Premium Pass. This includes new Operator Skins like Cassius – Fate’s Champion, Rampage – Venomous, Baker – Breaker, Bathysphere – Hog Heaven, Weapon Blueprints like the Type 25 – Rooster Dawn, LK24 – Amethyst Serpent, MX9 – Golden Stripes, HS2126 – Pig Dynasty, and Dingo – Monkey King’s Legacy.


A number of changes are coming to multiplayer gameplay. The first is a new mode called Big Head Blizzard. This is quite a hilarious mode as players’ heads keep getting bigger the more damage is dealt until a bobblehead is formed that has high health and only a melee weapon.

Super Attack of the Undead returns too which better character models, new abilities and more maps alongside a Lunar New Year theme. Even Nuketown joins in on the fun as it has been redecorated to feature aesthetics based on the Year of the Rabbit.

Other Additions

The battle royale mode will have two new POIs – the Ecology Lab and the T-3 Refinery. Limited Time Tickets will be the currency of the season, which can be exchanged for a number of rewards.

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