Call of Duty Mobile's first season of the year takes players on a Heist to Hacienda

Call of Duty Mobile's first season of the year takes players on a Heist to Hacienda

A New Year begins and with it, a new cycle of seasons for Call of Duty Mobile. Activision has reset the seasons calendar and we begin 2022 with Season 1 of COD Mobile. Called Heist, the new season will see players break into Hacienda to perform a heist while facing off against Makarov, the head of a major crime syndicate. How can one simple mission lead to war? The Heist Season hopes to answer that question.

Battle Pass

In the free tiers, players can get their hands on new Operators and functional weapons, weapon blueprints, calling cards, charms, COD points, and more. Tier 14 offers the Storm Ball Tactical item and Tier 21 the PPSh-41 SMG. Premium Pass holders get access to Marakov himself, alongside Bratok Yuri, Whitechapel Iskra, and Bouncer Ajax as well. Killing enemies is also easier than ever before with the Rytec AMR, Sterling Ace Man-O-War, and the Gilded Lion.

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New Maps

Season 1 of CODM brings back some revamped fan-favourite maps to enjoy. Straight from the pages of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is Hacienda, a crime lord's abode in the Spanish Countryside. It features an extravagant vineyard, a boathouse, an arsenal, and a courtyard that will see lots of competitive fights.

The second map, coming later this season is everyone’s favourite map – Nuketown and adds a space vibe to it in celebration of the Lunar New Year. It is called Nuketown Temple and will feature new architecture and props while ensuring that the site remains to be the chaotic mess it always was.

New Multiplayer Mode

Red Envelope Confirmed is a new mode being introduced. It will launch at the end of January and is a 10v10 Kill Confirmed event with the Lunar Year of the Tiger theme. Players must collect red envelopes and enjoy the festive fireworks. It will also reward players with credits and cosmetics.

New Content

Brand new content being added with this update includes Lunar themed cosmetics, new minigames, and more. The Winter Wish event will allow players to win tokens to unlock items on their wishlist, while the new added seasonal challenges will reward players with weapon blueprints, XP, and other cosmetics.

Drop in for the new heist by downloading Call of Duty Mobile for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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