BTS World gets a bumper update that introduces the second season of its popular "Another Story" mode

New events now live

BTS World gets a bumper update that introduces the second season of its popular "Another Story" mode
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BTS World has now received a major update that introduces a second tier of upgrades for BTS member cards, a number of special events, and an all-new season for the game's popular "Another Story" mode.

BTS World, for those not in the know, sees you managing legendary K-pop band BTS as they rise to the top of the music industry. In the Another Story mode, you'll explore the alternative lives of each of the band's members, gaining some insight into what they might have done if their music careers never took off.

Season two of the mode sees the boys meeting at a strange place known as the "Magic Shop". Here, you'll presumably find all manner of things to purchase, including upgradable materials.

On top of that, the update also delivers a number of smaller improvements and additions. BTS member cards now benefit from an increased max level, rising from 50 to 60, and a handful of events are now live.

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These include a 5-star card draw event, a bonus time event, an item draw event (running every four hours), and a check-in event.

Taking part in any of these events gives you a chance to earn various in-game items, currency, and special buffs, so it's probably worth getting involved.

BTS World is definitely one for the fans, though our Dave – who, by his own admission, isn't exactly well-versed in all things BTS – was inspired to give the band's tunes a listen and seemed to enjoy what he heard. He also put together a definitive ranking of all the BTS boys, because of course he did.

If you enjoy their music and want to get to know fictionalised versions of them a little better, you'll find BTS World available as a free-to-play title from the App Store and Google Play.

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