BTS World boys ranked from best to worst

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BTS World boys ranked from best to worst

I don't know what BTS is but I will judge them

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I do not know anything about BTS. I had to ask people what BTS was. Someone suggested it was an acronym for British Transport System, and I almost believed them, had a legion of K-pop fans not nearly removed their fingers for tweeting blasphemy.

So BTS, as it turns out, is a Korean boyband that has taken the world by storm. I mean, not me or anyone I can hold a conversation with, but some people in the world at least.

And you can feel the frankly terrifying love and admiration for these boys through their mobile game. Yes, they have their own mobile game from Korean giant Netmarble, and it involves you putting together BTS.

It's 2012, you're in Korea for some reason, and you've been tasked with putting together the very hottest boyband. Luckily, you know the future, and you know BTS will take the world by storm. Which feels a bit like cheating, but let's put that to one side for now.

BTS World

You happen to run into a bunch of the BTS boys, and before you know it, you're their new agent and manager, putting the group together and taking them from rags to riches. A classic story.

In this iteration of this beloved fairytale, you will be finding each of the members, uniting them together, and interacting with them on a frankly terrifying, personal level.

Like, honestly, having the BTS boys butt-dial you, you listening in on them, and them texting them later to tell them how adorable they are? That, my friends, should require a trip to HR and a big complaint, but I guess anything goes in Korea.

I know you want to listen in on the BTS boys and tell them they're cute, and this is the game for you, but which BTS boys are best, according to someone who didn't know what BTS was only a few hours ago? Well let's run through our list, from the best, to the worst, in that order…

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Jeong Hoseok. He is very cute and sweet. I like his smile. He accidentally calls you and then gets all shy over text.

I mean, you, the protagonist, are a horrifying creep who is objectifying this young boy. But the young boy himself? Very sweet, big fan.


Min Yoon-gi. AKA, Agust D. This, my friends, is a good lad. Donates to charity, orphanages, supports LGBT+ community…

Suga is my friend, and Suga wants to be your friend too. Very nice boy, highly rated.


Kim Tae-hyung, and the status of how hyung he is is not entirely clear. He sports a deep voice, deep eyes, and nice hair, which is my weakness.

Everyone loves V, and for good reason. He will quickly try and charm you while playing BTS World.


Kim Seok-jin. He loves the animals, and therefore? I love him. Stylish, slim, charming, strong jawline… What's there to complain about?

In real life, Jin is in the UNICEF Honors Club for his donations, which is nice, if still only a fraction of his wealth. Darn it all.


Park Jimin. I hate his face. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I just do. I don't like it, and I don't like the way he speaks to me.

He called me to tell me he heard a cat and found an apple tree. That is not a full story arc and I don't want that phone call. Leave me alone, Jimin.


Jungkook is alright, I guess. I'm sorry, I don't love him. He's fine. He has cute eyes, I guess.

Like, he seems nice enough and everything, but when there are the other boys to talk to… eh.


Kim Namjun. The leader of the bunch, you know him well, and he's finally back, to completely fail. Sorry, I prefer underdogs, and this guy doesn't deserve to be a leader.

Also, your protagonist in the game essentially has a heart attack and a completely cringey conversation with him, which forced me to hate myself, before hating him. No thanks.

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