BTS are one of the biggest groups in the world, and one of the few bands I know of that have a mobile game including the full band as characters, in a custom story scenario. And in an age where I'm still unable to stream the One Piece anime in the UK legally, BTS World launches globally. I'm not saying the K-pop fandom it outpacing the anime fandom, but it's certainly stronger than you might think. Unless you're already a K-pop fan, in which case, you know what I'm talking about.

I've written about BTS World in the past, ranking all the boys in the band against one another, and it was an enlightening experience. Except I didn't actually get a good idea of what BTS' music actually is. The boys are cute and sweet, sure, but do they produce bangers? This is the question I need answered, and who better to answer it than I, a bald man who likes one (1) K-pop song.

So I have scoured the internet, found what are deemed to be five of BTS' best songs, listened to them all, and given you my authentic, fresh, opinion. Yes, I know you can't wait for this. I even rated them so there's something to get mad about.

So, can BTS World take a bald man and turn him into a BTS stan? Find out below…